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  • To expand BS and M.Sc programs to MS/M.Phil and Ph.D. program in the near future
  • To publish a research journal of the department


  • We are dedicated to help students understand, apply and appreciate statistics
  • We are committed to student learning by providing and assessing courses necessary for providing degrees at our campus and professional requirements. We encourage our faculty to enhance their academic and professional qualifications
  • We are determined to guide the research students and faculty of the other disciplines in the university
  • We are committed to conduct and publish outstanding research
  • We are committed to improve educational environment in the department



The department of Statistics was established in the Government College, Faisalabad in 1960 for intermediate and degree classes. In October 2002 when the college was upgraded to University the Master’s Program was started in September 2003. The first batch of the students was granted admission to the 4-year BS program in September 2005.

The students of the department are offered core courses, a variety of specialized courses and are made proficient in use of statistical data analysis through Statistical Packages such as MINITAB, SPSS, MSTATC and EViews etc. Each student has an access to an independent computer in a well-equipped computer laboratory. Free Statistical consultancy services are available to researchers of other disciplines in the University through qualified experienced statisticians. Consultancy services are also provided to other organizations and industry.

Scope of Statistics

Be it economics, medicine, or education, a general theory of statistics is applicable to any field of study in which observations are made. Statistical procedures now form an important part of all fields of science, and procedures which have been developed for use in one field have almost invariably found important applications in a number of other fields. A major area of statistical theory is concerned with the design of experiments and the efficient collection of information to aid in this design. Many experimental materials are so expensive that it is essential that the desired information be obtained with a minimum number of observations.

In the investigation of any phenomenon, whether it is the study of forces of attraction by the physicist, the study of the effects of anxiety by the psychologist, the study of radiation effects on animals by the biologist, or any other research, it is necessary to observe and record some characteristics of the of the objects under consideration. Whenever anything is measured numerically, even though the attempt to make an assessment results in numbers no more refined than simple counting, there arises a desire to judge the significance of the data and to make maximum use of information gathered. These are the principal problems with which statistical methods are concerned.

Statistics is also concerned with problems which arise from the necessity of designing experiments to investigate several factors at the same time, either because of the great length of time required for the experiment or because of the difficulty in reproducing the experimental treatments or conditions. In such cases statistical methods must be used to separate the effects of the separate treatments.

Statistical techniques being powerful tools for analyzing numerical data are used in almost every branch of learning. In biological and physical sciences, Genetics, Agronomy, Anthropometry, Astronomy, Physics, Geology etc. statistical techniques have been developed and are increasingly used. While a social scientist uses statistical methods in various areas of socio-economic life of a nation a businessman, an industrialist and a research worker all employ statistical methods in their work. Banks, Insurance companies and Governments all have their statistics departments.