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Chairman’s Message

Well come to Department of Physics we have been committed to the cause of education to our young generation. Dear students, our experience and excellence has been proven time and again through our students achievements. Our aim is to create a community that is increasingly enterpreneval and even more reliant on technology and our courses of studies are designed to give our students the skills and knowledge they need to succeed in today’s competitive environment. We provide a stimulating and supportive environment which focus on the hidden power of the individual. We try to develop each student’s maximum potential by providing not only the latest teaching methodology and technology but also individual guidance and assistance. With the highly equipped labs, computers and well stocked libraries, we give our students the tools they need to grow in to competent, skilled and self assured professionals. Our Department has well experienced highly qualified and dedicated faculty.

Our vision for the future is defined by realism and a can do spirit, our focus is stead fastey on raising the quality of education to bring it at par not only with the best Departments in local Pakistani universities but with those who refer themselves as world class Departments. I assure you that your educational experience in our Department at GCU Faisalabad will be a rewarding one, both academically and culturally Inshallah, may it be so Ameen! Wish you best of luck! Always remember “there is no shortcut to achieve life requires through preparation”


The Department of Physics seeks to build up its national reputation in Physics education and research and to become national leader in producing highly professional and motivated physicists.


Our mission is to provide a rigorous grounding in the scientific process and a firm scientific understanding of nature to foster critical thinking and to provide scientifically literate and liberally educated physicists.

The primary functional aspects of our mission can be classified as:

  • Educating and preparing undergraduate and graduate students for advanced study and employment in education, research institutes and industry.
  • Developing highly qualified physicists who can serve as major contributors to the scientific and technological literacy in theoretical and applied physics.
  • Providing physical knowledge, experimental experience and training in analytical reasoning and critical thinking required as the basis for the students seeking advanced studies in physics.
  • Polishing the expertise and competence in physics of our researchers/academic staff and to prepare them to carry out advanced research in active areas of Physics as demanded by the 21th century.


The Department of Physics is imparting quality education and research guidance to the community. All the faculty members of the Department are striving hard for excellence and exercising their potential to the maximum to uplift the academic standard of the University. Currently, the department is offering following undergraduate and postgraduate programmes

  • BS 4-year Physics Morning & Evening Programmes
  • M.Sc Physics Morning & Evening Programmes
  • M.Phil Physics Evening Programme
  • M.S Nanotechnology Evening Programme
  • Ph.D Physics

To broaden and deepen the vision of the students according to the needs of the 21st century, the Department focuses on activity-based learning. The Department has established linkage with local industries and institutions to provide platform for the academic and professional development of students according to their choices. The Department is offering research in various branches of physics such as condensed matter physics, plasma physics, health and medical physics, environmental physics, semiconductor materials Physics, Laser spectroscopy, Nano technology and theoretical physics. The Department organizes conferences, presentations, seminars, workshops, and excursion cum study tours for the students to provide in-depth understanding of the field at national and international level.

Research & Development Activities

Department is offering research facilities to the students in the following fields according to the expertise of their faculty members. Atmospheric and Environmental Physics, Health and Medical Physics, Experimental Plasma Physics, Solid State Physics, Thin Film Technology, Theoretical Physics, Computational Physics, Geo Physics, Soil Physics, Nuclear instrumentation, Climatology and Metrology, Radiation Physics, Nuclear Medicine, Solid Aero sole Physics and Laser Spectroscopy.To meet the national and international criteria of Modern trend research it is very important to focus on both Experimental and Theoretical research simultaneously laboratories have been upgraded to provide an adequate teaching and research facilities to the faculty and the students. Moreover Department has link programe with well established organizations institutions like NIAB, NIBGE, PINUM, NORI, EPD, UAF, UET, PTCL etc. In this connection almost the projects relevant to the said fields are also being run by the Department. The said Projects contributing a lot towards strengthening of the research base of the Department of Physics.

Establishment of R & D Culture

On personal requested of the Chairman Department of Physics and keen interest of the worthy Vice Chancellor Dr. Ijaz Ahmad Khan was adjusted as Assistant Professor of Physics through HEC Interim fresh Ph.D programme to fill the R and D gap of the department. Dr. Ijaz Ahmad Khan (Principal Investigator) has designed a research project related to thin film technology funded by HEC under the guidance of worthy Chairman (Co-Principal Investigator). In near future, department will be capable to deposit thin films of different compositions as demanded by national cum international standards. We hope that this activity will generate pure research culture at Physics Department GCU Faisalabad.

Future Plans

After the development of suitable scientific environment, Department has decided to launch the following short term / diploma programmes in near future. These include, Short term training course in radiation protection and safety measures (Collaboration with NIAB and NORI), PGD in applied Physics, 6-Month diploma in micro controller interfacing, 6-Month diploma in micro-controlled based system design and Month certificate course in applied electronics.


The Chairman department of Physics is highly obliged to Ex-Director PINUM Dr. Javaid Irafanullah (Current Dir. NORI), Ex-Director NIAB Dr. Mohsin, Ex-Director NIBGE Dr. A. M. Khalid, Madam Naseem Akhtar PSO NIAB, Chairman Department of Physics UET Dr. Khaleeq ur Rehman, Deputy Director EPD Shaukat Hayat, Prof. Dr. K. Hussain UET (worthy supervisors), Prof. Dr. M.Y Hussain, Dept. of Physics UAF, for their collaboration, technical assistance, lab facilities in the department of R & D culture and accomplishment of most of the student’s research work.