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Chairman’s Message

Department of Geography is focusing on its two distinct domains: Human Geography and Physical Geography. All disciplines including Geography made progress through latest innovation through the advancement in technology. Geographic Information System, Remote Sensing, Digital Cartography and Spatial analysis are the latest developments which are credited to the discipline of Geography. Moreover, our focus is also on the social issues of Pakistani society with their spatial dimensions and these are missing in other social sciences. Sustainable development, urban transition, Globalization, Rapid population Growth, Water Contamination, Solid waste Management , Land use/Land use cover change ,natural disaster and hazards, Women empowerment, Changing family structure and changing Pakistani society is the focal areas which are being investigated at our Department.
Dr. Kashif Mahmood


To make Geography a dynamic discipline through utilizing research techniques of both Physical/Earth Sciences and Social sciences.


The mission of the Department of Geography, GCUF is to provide its Students and Scholars with the best geographic education possible and to conduct research that is highly valuable and recognized nationwide for the excellence.

Our department emphasizes teaching on the following themes:

  1. Human Environment interactions
  2. Environmental design
  3. Geospatial Analysis

Research Work Completed

Sr. Roll No. Name of Student Topic of Approved Synopsis Supervisor
1 2301  Naeem Ahmad Solid Waste Management of the Jhelum city by using GIS Techniques Hafiza Huma Haider
2 2302 Muhammad Arif Saeed Spatial Patterns of Noise Pollution in Faisalabad city Dr. Kashif Mahmood
3 2304 Sumayya Batool Land Cover Change and its impact on the Land Surface Temperature in Faisalabad city Dr. Fazlul Haq
4 2307 Naeem Hassan Atmospheric Fugacity during Proterozoic Igneous Activity in Kirana Hills, Punjab , Pakistan Dr. Fazlul Haq
5 2309 Saba Jamil The role of Ground water contamination in the spread of Hepatitis in Faisalabad City Dr. Kashif Mahmood
6 2310 Imran Haider Impact of climatic change on Agriculture of Jhang District Dr. Fazlul Haq
7 2312 Iqra Impact of Urban Expansion on Land use Patterns in Faisalabad city Dr. Kashif Mahmood
8 2313 Hafiza Nayab Gul Sustaibable Urban Development and Spatial Urban Patterns by Using GIS in Faisalabad city Dr. Kashif Mahmood
9 2314 Kamran Zafar Sial Crops Production Variations : A Temporal Analysis using Geo-Spatial Technology in Toba Take Singh Hafiz Muhammad Qasim Salik
10 2315 Tahir Mahmood Assessment of Ground Water and Associated Health Risks in PirMahal Hafiz Muhammad Qasim Salik
11 2317 Fouzia Nazir Patterns of Hearing impairment in Faisalabad city Dr. Kashif Mahmood
12 2319 Nazish Ghafar Changes in cropping pattern and irrigation Water Management in Painsra Dr. Fazlul Haq
13 2320 Asrar ul Haq Role of Soil Fertility on cropping patterns in Tehsil Jehlum Hafiza Huma Haider
14 2321 Raees Mahmood Effects of Floods on Cropping Patterns along river Jhelum Hafiz Muhammad Qasim Salik

M.Phil Geography Inter Semester, Academic Session 2015-17

Sr. No. Name of Student Session Title of Thesis Name of Supervisor
1 Noor ul Ain khan 2012-16 Impacts of Family Type on Fertility in Pakistan : A Case Study of Faisalabad City Dr. Kashif Mahmood
2 Ifra Kanwal 2012-16 Effects of Urban Transition on Housing Conditions in Faisalabad City Dr. Kashif Mahmood
3 Muhammad Qasim 2014-16 Relationship between Urban Transition and Women Empowerment in Skardu, Gilgit-Baltistan Region Dr. Kashif Mahmood
4 Faiza Fadia 2014-16 Latent Factors of Women Empowerment in Pakistan : A Case study of Faisalabad City Dr. Kashif Mahmood
5 Madiha Akram 2014-16 Growth and expansion of Faisalabad City Dr. Kashif Mahmood
6 Faisal Mumtaz 2012-16 Spatial Analysis of Drugs Agglomeration and its Effects on Society in Sahiwal City Mariam  Kareem
7 Dur-e-Najaf 2014-16 Spatial Analysis of Housing Conditions in Suburbs of Faisalabad City   Hafiz Muhammad Qasim Salik
8 Irfan Ali 2013-17 Urban Expansion and Land Cover Changes. A Case Study of Okara City Hafiza Huma Haider
9 Saira Nawaz 2013-17 Accessibility to Working Place in Faisalabad City by Using GIS Mariam Kareem

BS & M.Sc. Geography
Research in Progress


Sr. No Roll No. Student Name Name of Supervisor Topics
M.Phil Geography Inter Semester, Academic Session  2015-17
1 2311 Mumtaz Ahmed Dr. Kashif Mahmood Impact of urbanization on changing land use Patterns in Multan City
2 2316 Zaib un Nisa Dr. Kashif Mahmood Impact of urbanization on slum development in Faisalabad city
3 2303 Miss Mahpara Iram Dr. Fazlul Haq Spatial Analysis of Commercial Land Values and their Determinants in Faisalabad City: A Case Study of CBD
4 2305 Wairs Ali Dr. Fazlul Haq Geographic Assessment of Urban Transport Problems in Faisalabad City
5 2308 Miss Mubashira Mohsin Miss Maryam Khalid Spatial Distribution of Cancer Patients in Faisalabad City
M.Phil Geography – 2015-17
1 5401 FAKHIRA YOUNUS Miss Hafiza Huma Haider Women Participation in Industrial Activity of Faisalabad City
2 5402 ZARINA KAUSAR Dr. Ali Asad Naqvi Socio-Economic Problems of Women Working in Textile Industry: A Case Study of Khurrianwala, Faisalabad
3 5403 MUHAMMAD RIZWAN Dr. Fazlul Haq Impact of Population Growth and Household Dynamics on Agriculture of Golan Valley in Hindu Kush Region 
4 5404 MUHAMMAD YOUNIS Dr. Fazlul Haq Sensitivity of Agriculture to Weather Uncertainties in Jhang District
5 5405 MOBASHER QAMAR RASHDI Dr. Kahsif Mahmood Sustainability of Urban Development in Faisalabad City
6 5406 IQRA ARSHAD Dr. Ali Asad Naqvi Socio-Economic Problems of  Women in Samundri,  Faisalabad
7 5407 TUBA AMJAD Miss Maryam Khalid Spatial Assessment of Urban Expansion in Sargodha
8 5408 ZARKA MUKHTAR Dr. Fazlul Haq Glacial Fluctuations in Response to Climate Change in the Himalayan Ranges of Pakistan
9 5410 SADIA RASHEED Dr. Kahsif Mahmood Determinants of Gender Discrimination in Primary Education in Rural and Urban Areas of Faisalabad District
10 5411 WASEEM AKRAM Hafiz Muhammad Qasim Salik Impact of Family Structure on Women Empowerment in Pakistan: A Case Study of Faisalabad
11 5412 KHADIJA SARFRAZ Dr. Liaqat Ali waseem Impact of Soil Salinity on Agricultural Land Degradation in Hafizabad Tehsil
12 5413 AZMAT ALI RAZA Dr. Kahsif Mahmood Impact of Modernization on Family Structure in Faisalabad District
13 5414 MUHAMMAD AQEEL Dr. Ali Asad Naqvi Changing Spatial Patterns of Rural Settlements in Faisalabad District
14 5415 IMRAN SAJID Dr. Liaqat Ali waseem Impact of  Ground Water Quality on Soils of Toba Tek Singh Tehsil
18 5416 MADIHA KHURSHID Dr. Liaqat Ali waseem Urban Transport System Evaluation Using Remote Sensing and GIS Techniques: A Case of Faisalabad City
19 5417 SALEHA Hafiz Muhammad Qasim Salik Gender Division of Labor in Household Economy of Lower Economic Class in Faisalabad City
20 5418 MASDUQ RIAZ Dr. Liaqat Ali waseem Impact of Water Salinity on Agricultural Productivity in Faisalabad District
21 5422 MUHAMMAD ARSLAN Dr. Ali Asad Naqvi Socio-Economic Determinants of Child Labor in Tehsil Taunsa Sharif, District Dera Ghazi Khan
22 5423 SONIA BADAR Miss Hafiza Huma Haider Accessibility to Maternal Health Care Facilities  in Faisalabad 
23 5424 KHALID MEHMOOD Dr. Fazlul Haq The Role of Open Drainage System in Aquifer Deformation in Faisalabad City
24 5425 IQRA   Dr. Liaqat Ali waseem Ethno-cultural Impacts of the Immigrants in Faisalabad City
25 5426 BUSHRA ARSHAD Dr. Kahsif Mahmood Impact of Urban Transition on Fertility Rate in Pakistan: A Case Study of Faisalabad District
26 5427 FAHAD IDREES Dr. Kahsif Mahmood Causes and Consequences of Declining International Tourism in Pakistan
27 5428 MUHAMMAD IJAZ HUSSAIN Dr. Kahsif Mahmood Impact of Pak-Afghan Border Porosity on Peace Keeping Measures in Pakistan: A Geographical Perspective

BS & M.Sc. Geography

Sr. No. Name of Student Session Topics Supervisor
1 Uzma Gilani 2013-17 Urban Transition Impact on Society in Pakistan: A Case study on Faisalabad Dr. Kashif Mahmood