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Computer Science


The vision of the Department of Computer Sciences is to ensure that the students take maximum advantage of the modern computer sciences to solve a wide range of complex scientific, technological and social problems.


The mission of the department is to provide exemplary education and training to our students in the field of computer so that they productively contribute to academia and industry.


The Department of Computer Science is one of the most prominent and oldest centres of computer education in Faisalabad city and was established as a separate department by offering ICS programme in 1999. The progress journey of the department continued, and it offered BS (CS) programme in 2001 and MCS programme in 2004.
The department provides excellent computing facilities and ensures the enhancement of practical knowledge of students by facilitating them to learning. The Computer Science Department provides a comprehensive range of facilities necessary for computer use and a library of programmmes and packages for solving scientific, engineering, commercial and social problems.


The department is equipped with four state of the art computer labs with the latest Pentium machines. These laboratories which are accessible to all students and teachers of Computer Science Department are linked through the state of the art network environment for retrieving information. It is for the first time in the history of Faisalabad for an institute to have its own established software house.
The following laboratories have been set up:

  • Software Engineering Lab-I
  • Software Engineering Lab-II
  • Database Design Lab
  • Software Development Lab

A team of excellent and dedicated developers works untiringly hard to develop, design and update wide range of software that meets the university requirements in addition to the market demands as well.