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Applied Chemistry


The vision of the Department is to integrate modern teaching and learning methods in the curriculum to provide training to students in interdisciplinary programmes for the academic and industry.


The mission of the Department of Applied Chemistry is to impart instruction in a nurturing and conducive environment in basic and applied chemistry. The department is being responding to the needs of chemical industry by preparing skilled manpower.  


The University is situated in Faisalabad which is the hub of the textile industry because of its vast industrial network and textile based structure. More than 500 textile units in the city utilize chemistry to manufacture value added products according to international standards. In addition to textile sector Faisalabad is also well known for different industries; such as paints, pigments, dyes, sugar, fertilizer, pharmaceutical, soaps, detergents etc. Keeping in view the industrial need for highly qualified, skilled, visionary and trained manpower that could meet international standards, the Department of Applied Chemistry was established at the Government College University Faisalabad in 2004 to meet these challenges.

The department is inspiring to develop state-of-art research facilities and has inducted young, talented and very experienced academicians.

The faculty, Department of Applied Chemistry is strolling hard with full devotion and dedication to produce dynamic students of high vision with clear cut aims market oriented objectives. The idea behind these activities is to train our students as entrepreneurs for creating the jobs rather than looking for the jobs themselves.


  • To produce students who are confident of applying the knowledge of chemistry and skills which they acquire in understanding the problems of the local industry and the world at large. Thereby making useful contributions towards resolving industry linked problems.
  • To produce chemists who can work as quality control managers (from raw material and intermediate product to final product) in every sector of the industry.
  • To provide skill in handling chemicals, managing chemical laboratories and handling scientific instruments.
  • To produce personnel who can efficiently manage the working of industries and be able to motivate and adopt new technologies to meet the international standards.
  • Application of the knowledge of chemistry in the daily lives.

Currently the Department of Applied Chemistry offers morning programs of BS (Hons.), M.Sc, PhD and evening programs BS (Hons.), M. Phil. in Applied Chemistry. These graduates have a strong understanding of chemistry and in depth knowledge of chemical processing in different industries. The Department has developed effective liaison with the different chemical industries in the region. Through a series of regular visits of these industries, both the faculty and the students gain visionary knowledge about the practical applications of theoretical chemistry. Department of Applied Chemistry has developed research lab equipped with a range of pilot scale equipment. The Department of Applied Chemistry is also enhancing its activities by launching different short courses which are designed in collaboration with the Chamber of Commerce and Industries Faisalabad. The different areas are:

  1. Synthetic Polymers Functionalized by Polysaccharides.
  2. Paints and Coatings
  3. Adhesives and Sealants
  4. Pharmaceutical Industry
  5. Natural and Synthetic Rubber
  6. Dyes and Pigments
  7. Glass/Ceramics and Fertilizers
  8. Oil and Fat Industries including Non Edible Specialty Products.