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The vision of the Department is to train students to critically and objectively analyze issues related to the economy, business, public policy and society.


he mission of the Department of Economics is to provide excellent education in economics. The programs of the department emphasize the development of strong theoretical background along with data analysis skills that can be used in the investigation of economic problems in a wide variety of settings.


Economics is the study of scarcity and choice. In a society where resources are limited and cannot meet the claims put upon it, economics assumes a fundamental role to fulfill them. The employment prospects for economists are very wide as the importance of economics is likely to increase in near future.

The Department of Economics has developed curricula to become competitive. with the present day requirements. Formulation of policy alternatives by conducting solution oriented research to assist the decision makers for uniform growth and developing manpower in line with the demands of local and international markets are the priorities of the Department.

In this context, the Department of Economics is playing a key role to fill the gap of availability of human resources that are required to improve the momentum of economic growth and eradicate poverty. The general goals of the Department are to serve for the public good and to make the knowledge of Economics accessible.
All the academic programmes, BS, M.Sc. and M.Phil of the Department of Economics have been carefully designed to fulfill the afore mentioned objectives of the Department and the market demands.