Business Administration


The Department of Business Administration envisions transforming itself the leading business education institute in the region with marked excellence and exclusive traditions to develop the skilled, dedicated and creative business professionals and entrepreneurs.


The Department of Business Administration is committed to provide quality education to business graduates through inculcating them the conceptual knowledge synergized with practical applications; utilizing the latest equipment and infrastructure with excelled and trained faculty and is striving hard to transform them into competent professionals trimmed fine enough in catering to the innate demands of diversified industries and contributing their significant role in the development and prosperity of the society as well as country.


Since its establishment in 2004, the Department of Business Administration is exerting/ undertaking painstaking efforts to build reputation for producing business graduates of professional excellence and excelled moral values. The students are imparted knowledge and skills through talented and experienced faculty enriched in generating ideas coupled with experiential learning, exposure to real time problems and hands on leadership/team work experiences. The graduates leave the institution with pivotal urge to lead, eager to design the practical solutions to everyday business problems and opportunities. The focus of the programs is to groom the students to personalities with devotion as responsible citizen, practical and methodological skills edge, and persistent enthusiasm towards goal accomplishments. The department is very much keen towards co-curricular and extra-curricular activities and that is why the professional seminars, workshops and academic simulations are being conducted on on-going basis throughout the semester. The university is very much keen in developing the permanent faculty up to the set standards of the Higher Education Commission. At Department, all offered programs are very much compatible with the standards set by the HEC.

Besides, the department of Business Administration is always looking for some extraordinary skilled and qualified professionals as a part of Visiting Faculty induction. This induction of expertise enables the department to achieve its goals and help the students to learn the variations with exceptions between the theoretical knowledge and practical applications. The department is also putting significant efforts to develop effective collaborations with the local industries resulting in creation of job opportunities for the young fresh graduates. Moreover, the 8 week internship program is the mandatory requirement of the MBA program to equip the students fully with the practical application of learned concepts in their area of specialization. In future the department wants to offer MBA Executive program for professional working class executives to help them enhance their knowledge and skill development.