Banking & Finance


To provide quality and innovative leadership to banks at national and international level


The department of Banking and Finance Government College University Faisalabad (GCUF) has based its successful experience in training, technical assistance on some key ideas converting the links between finance and development.

The program has been designed to cater the requirements of the markets. The department is committed to achieve academic excellence by producing quality graduates. The graduates of the department have achieved prominence in various spheres of life. They are working in miscellaneous national and international organizations financial institutions, non profit sectors besides serving on the board of different banks and multinational organizations. The department offers wide range of courses in a variety of disciplines which are constantly refined reviewed through expert’s opinion.

The teaching staff of the department strives hard to promote research compatible with international standards and create an enabling audacious environment for students interested in upgrading and diversifying their qualification as a means for further career development.

Apart from imparting quality education, the focus is on character building, grooming and personal development of the students through active participation on co-curricular activities organized by societies. These activities include seminars workshops, quizzes and dialogues on current and emerging economic and financial issues.