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  • It’s a newly established department and comparatively rare department in other universities of the country, so BS Physiology is an emerging professional degree which needs enormous concentration, hard work as well as the space of growth as professional career. And the department of Physiology is therefore established with the vision of giving the maximum output in teaching and research keeping in view the minimum available resources.
  • To provide high standard education and research activities to aspire undergraduate and post graduate students to coupe up the international standards.
  • The use of electronic media will be encouraged to teach the students so that learning capabilities could be further enhanced.
  • Study tours in the national eminent research as well as teaching institute will be planed for the healthy exposure of students.
  • Target based progress plans with a suggested time frame will be set to get the required progress in limited time.
  • Students will be encouraged to actively participate in the extracurricular activities of the University, which will be a healthy exercise to groom their mental capabilities.


The Department of Physiology was established with the aim to provide high-tech theoretical and practical knowledge/skills to the students through quality teaching and research. Yet much is in action, the department is still striving to acquire latest laboratory equipment to qualify students at international standards.


It will not be wrong if we say that Physiology is the Mother of Medical Sciences. The word Physiology means “study of nature or origin”. Physiology is the scientific study of function in living systems. It is a broad discipline which has both basic and applied aspects. The importance of the subject can be depicted by the fact that every year one Nobel Prize is awarded in the field of Physiology (Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine). The integration of science of physiology with other sciences especially with medical sciences will create more horizons as professional career.

There are few institutes currently offering different academic programs in the subject of Physiology and our Department of Physiology is one of them, currently offering 4 years BS degree program. The department has highly qualified PhD faculty, graduated from Pakistan or abroad. The department is also planning to offer post graduate programs i.e. MPhil and PhD.

Career Opportunities for the Graduates

The graduates from the Department of Physiology are intended to acquire high profile positions in the health sciences industry, research and education institutions both in the country or abroad. A highlight of the scope of the subject can be summarized as;

  • Teach Physiology at college and university level
  • Postgraduate studies in Physiology to develop carrier internationally
  • The proposal for the posts of clinical cardiac physiologists and neurophysiologists is also under process.

Academic Programs

Currently, Department of Physiology offers 4 years BS Physiology program. In recent future, the department is going to announce admissions in MPhil and PhD programs as well.

Research Priorities of the Department

Please visit individual profile of the faculty for research interests of the department.

Future Plans

  1. Highly qualified faculty will be recruited to teach and conduct research activities of national interest.
  2. To establish electronically equipped lecture rooms for under graduate and post graduate students.
  3. To establish well equipped under graduate laboratories and post graduate research laboratories of international standard.
  4. To establish faculty rooms to provide the faculty an efficient working environment for their teaching as well as research activities.
  5. To develop research collaborations and making of MOU’s with other eminent research institutes specifically the medical institutes of the country so that efficient teaching, research and job opportunities will be created for students.
  6. The PhD faculty will be encouraged to make international collaborations to design research projects in context to fetch foreign funding.
  7. There is no current blood donation society in the university it is suggested to make a blood donation society and keep the record of all the students as well as faculty in this regard.
  8. Seminars/workshops will be conducted to highlight the various fields of physiology as a research and career objective.