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To attain the highest level of glory and excellence in the field of Microbiology through quality teaching and research and to make this Department as model department for producing highly competent and skillful Microbiologist to serve for the benefit of humanity and to contribute to the development of Nation.


  • To create an environment conducive for learning through quality teaching and research.
  • To produce competent and skilled professionals in the field of Microbiology to full fill the future needs of educational institutes.
  • To prepare researchers to meet the challenges of industry, research organizations, science and technology.
  • To develop the department as a model department of Microbiology in the country for undergraduate and postgraduate teaching and research.


In spite of their very small size, the impact of microbes on the planet is so extensive that life without them is almost impossible. Microbiology is an exceptionally diverse science which deals with the study of microorganisms in relation to disease, industry, medicine, environment and modern biotechnology. The study of microorganisms cannot be overemphasized as they are necessary for the production of bread, cheese, antibiotics, vitamins, organic acids, enzymes, biologics, sera and vaccines. Over and above, microbes also serve as the basis and the major tools in the fields of Molecular Biology, Modern Biotechnology and Genetic Engineering. They are indispensable components of our ecosystem. Unfortunately some microbes cause all the known diseases in humans, animals and plants causing heavy morbidity and mortality.

Department of Microbiology was established in Main campus Government College University Faisalabad in November 2011 for the teaching and research in Microbiology at Undergraduate & Postgraduate levels. Initially a 4-Year BS Microbiology program (Morning) was started during Fall 2011-12 and later on 2-Year M. Phil Program in Microbiology was initiated in Fall 2012-13 and Ph.D programme in Fall semester 2014-15. Later on, BS Microbiology (Evening) and M. Phil Microbiology (Weekend program) were also started from Fall 2015-16. The two batches of BS Microbiology has successfully completed their degrees and 3rd batch is currently doing their internship in well reputed organizations of the country like NIH, NARC, PRI, Shaukat Khanum Hospital, AB Mauri, PIUNM, FIC etc. etc.  Moreover, four batches of M. Phil students have also successfully completed their degrees. At present, department has 18 highly skilled and competent faculty members along with 04 supporting staff members striving hard to achieve the highest level of excellence under the able guidance of Dr. Muhammad Hidayat Rasool.

Department of Microbiology is focusing on academic and research collaborations with different National and International teaching and research institutes as well as with local industries through internship programs and combined research projects. The key focus is to conduct applied and problem solving research in different fields of Microbiology. In addition to academics and research, students of this department are equally bright and talented in extra-curricular and co-curricular activities and have won a number of laurels for the department. Recently, Department of Microbiology has been allotted a complete 2nd Floor in a newly constructed block (Liaqat Block) in New Campus and we are expected to shift and begin with academic and research activities in new building from Fall Semester 2017-18.


Microbiology is a broad discipline which has both basic and applied aspects. Many microbiologists are interested primarily in the biology of the microorganisms themselves whereas others may be interested in particular functional processes. Some microbiologists may have an applied orientation and would be interested in practical problems in the fields of medical, pharmaceutical, food, dairy and public health Microbiology. With WTO agreement in offering, every agro-based industry and the industry involved in production and export of biopharmaceuticals, biologics, vaccines, sera and diagnostics will be required to hire a Microbiologist / Immunologist at its strength to satisfy ISO certification needs. Therefore the graduates and post graduate students from Department of Microbiology Government College University Faisalabad will have a very bright and attractive career ahead in public as well as in private sector.

Research Areas

The research work will be carried out in the following areas

  • Isolation, identification and characterization of indigenous pathogens
  • Epidemiological studies of major diseases
  • Immunological and molecular aspects of disease diagnosis
  • Antibiotic resistance and probiotics
  • Biological production
  • Microbial Endocrinology
  • Pharmaceutical and Industrial Microbiology
  • Food and Agricultural Microbiology
  • Environmental Microbiology
  • Proteomics and genomics
  • Bioinformatics and Biotechnology


Fee Structure

Fee structure for BS, M. Phil (Regular & Weekend) and PhD Microbiology Programs is same as for other biological/life sciences programs (as mentioned in each year’s Prospectus).

News and Events

Department of Microbiology has been allocated a complete floor in a newly constructed Liaqat Block 2nd floor at New Campus of Government College University Faisalabad. Department will begin its academic and research activities in aforementioned new infrastructure in near future.