Department of Eastern Medicine


The Department of Eastern Medicine (DEM) in response to the growing needs of health management is determined to provide the knowledge and infrastructure to develop Eastern Medicine and to wide its applications. Department of Eastern Medicine aims to build capacity of the common people (society) and the professionals to understand Eastern Medicine. It has been set as its mission to graduate physicians for the 21st century who abide by the rigor of scientific discipline and are altruistic, humane, knowledgeable, skilful and dutiful to their profession and the society at large. It is also among the mission of the Department to educate allied professionals of the basic and applied fields of Natural Sciences, Complementary and Alternative Medicine (CAM), Medicine, Nursing and Pharmacy. This mission of the Department of Eastern Medicine goes well together to execute advance studies and research in Eastern Medicine.


To prepare competent Medical Graduates of Eastern Medicine and train post-graduate professionals of Eastern Medicine

To cater the ever growing demands of Health care and Management.

To provide Eastern Medicine knowledge to common people (society) and quality education to the undergraduates and train post-graduates in their practice and different fields of Eastern Medicine Specialization.

To educate the professionals of Eastern Medicine to work as members of the team of Health Professionals for promoting health and solving health problems in the community.

To publish books, monographs and undertake research projects and conduct courses for advance studies in Eastern Medicine.


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