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Medical Sciences

Prof. Dr. Abid Raheed

Prof. Dr. Abid Raheed, Director

The establishment of Directorate of Medical Science in Government College University, Faisalabad is a vision of the Vice Chancellor. It was established on 26th March, 2012 to start the Medical education in a general University to facilitate the students of Medical Science.

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College of Allied Health Professionals (AHP)

  1. Bachelor’s Degree BS (Hons 4 years programs)

    1. Medical Lab Technology (MLT)
    2. Radiography & Imaging Technology (RIT)
    3. Operation Theater Technology (OTT)
  2. Associate Degree (2 years programs)

    1. Medical Lab Technology (MLT)
    2. Radiography & Imaging Technology (RIT)
    3. Operation Theater Technology (OTT)

College of Physical Therapy (CPT)

  1. Doctor of Physical Therapy (DPT 5 years program)

Department of Eastern Medicine (DEM)

  1. Bachelor Eastern Medicine and Surgery (BEMS 5 years Program)

Vice Chancellor’s Message

The Government College University Faisalabad is a dynamic seat of learning. It provides inspiring and stimulating environment for research, formal education and professional growth. Research output and quality of education of our university in past two years has been phenomenal. This improvement is reflected in rapidly ascending ranking of the University in HEC. We have therefore, an enormous responsibility that can only be fulfilled by cultivating, nurturing and mentoring young minds, employing the best of available human and material resources. As the tertiary level educational institution and the largest and most comprehensive general University in Faisalabad we offer a wide range of courses in the field through natural and Physical Sciences (Environment Sciences, Botany, Chemistry, Industrial Chemistry, Wild life and Fisheries, Physics, Mathematics, Statistics, etc.) To Information technology and Computer Sciences, Telecom. Engineering, Food and Home Sciences, Law, Pharmacy, Management & Business Sciences, the Humanities, Social Sciences, Fine Arts, and also in emerging areas of Bio-technology, Bio-informatics, etc.

With the vision and idea to serve the ailing humanity, new educational horizons for the pre medical intermediate students are opened and newly established Directorate of Medical Sciences is established under the leadership of renowned medical professor. The Directorate is offering graduate courses in Physical Therapy and Allied Health Professionals.

One of the hallmarks of the Directorate of Medical Sciences is its innovative and up to date syllabi are in accordance with the international standards. Our curricula inculcate creativity, objectivity and critical thinking in diagnostic and treatment methods for our graduates. GCUF imparts values of commitment to learning and professionalism. The students develop confidence adaptability and high level of interpersonal communication skills.

Our university ensures a successful and bright career for its students. It is hoped that Government College University will earn more honors in future by responding to the needs of society and the medical community.

Prof. Dr. Muhammad Ali
Vice Chancellor

Director’s Message

All the praise is to our CREATOR and HOLY PROPHET (peace be upon Him) who ordered human being to read and learn. The knowledge and skills which help to receive the pain of humanity is very dear to Him. Worthy Vice Chancellor is a visionary planner and committed educationist with strong qualities of appreciating community needs. His Constant encouragement and guidance persuaded me to put in all my experience of medical teaching in starting Allied Health Professionals training programs and College of Physical Therapy. We are all committed to start these programs in which the students will be given problem solving knowledge and training under direct supervision. For which MoU have been signed with three major hospitals of Faisalabad. We aim at teaching and training these students not only in their professional knowledge and applied professional skills in addition they will be taught Behavioral Science, Basic I.T Knowledge and Research Methodology. They will be assets in health care programs both nationally and internationally. I and my team makes commitment to work as strong team to conduct the programs to excellence under strong leadership of Vice Chancellor.

Prof. Dr. Abid Rasheed
Director, Directorate of Medical Sciences

Dean’s Message

Government College University, Faisalabad is a place of dream and a road that leads to the bright successful future. It is well established that education is the only remedy for the enrichment of the innocent brains of the youth. Government College University is the place to transform student’s personality through the best possible teaching environment and human resources. There is an ever increasing gap for the medical sciences intermediate students to choose their profession except for MBBS and BDS.

Professor Dr. Zakir Hussain, former Vice Chancellor of Government College University Faisalabad established the Directorate of Medical Sciences and started new courses in Physical therapy and Allied Health Professional are launched to cover up this gap. The students after completion of their professional education will be able to get a job that will provide them professional satisfaction. I am very much sure that the graduates will be the best graduates due the modern research based education system, MOUs with international and national and best academia that is available. They will become assets in the health care profession and will bring laurels to its Alma matter. I wish the Directorate of Medical Sciences and their future students of Doctor of Physical Therapy and Allied Health Profession a great success in the coming future.

Dean, Faculty of Sciences and Technology

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