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Vision & Mission

To produce high caliber Food Science and nutrition graduates who will be well equipped through the training they receive, to support the rapid changes in food industries and sustain the industrial and economic development of Pakistan. This vision is pursued in par with core values of the University which are integrity, excellence, teamwork, discipline and dedication to work. The Department has pursued its teaching and research program in recognition of the fact that the food industry in Pakistan is still in its fledging state. Hence it is important that this program is offered to train the needed manpower and expertise that will help the industry and will produce the healthy community that will contribute to accelerate the economic development of country. The Department selects courses that are aimed at offering the students a good understanding of the basic principles of Food Science and nutrition and applying to the growing and dynamic needs of the society with respect to food preservation, processing, safety and nutrition. According to the international education standards for Degree program in Food Science, the course content of any undergraduate food science syllabus should cover the following five categories: Food Chemistry and Analysis, Food Safety and Microbiology, Food Processing and Engineering, Applied Food Science, and Nutrition.


  1. To produce competent Food Scientists/Technologists with adequate scientific background to collect, analyze and interpret technical data on raw and processed foods.
  2. To advance knowledge through the conduct of basic, applied and adaptive research to solve problems on food.
  3. To accelerate diffusion and adoption of new technologies through effective extension, aimed at progressive changes in food handling, preservation, storage and consumption habits.


The Department of Food Science at Government College University Faisalabad is one of the best food science departments in the country. The outstanding faculty, state-of-the-art building and laboratory facilities, and friendly and dedicated staff members make the Food Science Department a pleasant place to study and conduct research. Our undergraduate Food Science Major offers students hands-on science dealing with real-world applications; small, friendly atmosphere; world-class internship experiences in collaboration with international institutions like:

  • University Sains, Malaysia
  • Research institute of Food Science and Technology, Mashhad, Iran
  • Laboratoire d’Ingénierie des Biomolécules (LIBio), Université de Lorraine, France
  • Department of Food Bioprocessing and Nutrition Sciences, North Carolina State University, USA

Our graduate program offers graduate study leading to Masters of Science and Doctor of Philosophy degrees. Graduate students receive in-depth training in the core disciplines of food chemistry, food microbiology, food engineering and processing, food safety, food service management and human nutrition.

Career Prospective

  • Food industries: production managers, quality assurance manager, food marketing managers (e.g. Nestlé, Coca Cola, K&N, Dawn, Mitchell’s, Unilever
  • Nutrition and dietetics (Hospitals, private clinics as nutritionist and dietitian, national and international NGOs, health and fitness clubs, etc).
  • Food service management: hotel executives, food and beverages manager, restaurant manager, floor manager (Marriot, PC, Avari, Sherilton, McDonald, KFC, Pizza Hut, Subway, Metro, Cash and Carry, Hyperstar etc.)
  • Academic and Research Institutes (Public and private sector education institutes, Pakistan Council of Scientific and Industrial Research (PCSIR), National Institute of Biotechnology and Genetic Engineering (NIBGE), National Institute of Agriculture and Biology (NIAB), Ayub Agriculture Research Institute (AARI), National Institute of Health (NIH), Punjab food authority (Food safety officers), Armed forces (supply core), food department (grain storage officers, DFC)

Research Groups

Research is encouraged and facilitated through the core disciplines as well as following collaborative multidisciplinary research groups which focus on research efforts of our faculty members:

  1. Food processing technologies
  2. Food microbiology and biotechnology
  3. Food safety and quality
  4. Food service management
  5. Functional foods and nutraceuticals
  6. Community nutrition

Research groups within the department focus on: ingredients as materials; food safety; cocoa, chocolate, and confectionery products; plant and mushroom products; dairy foods manufacturing; and family and community food systems. Research and extension faculty work closely with members of the agricultural community and encourage their graduate students and other visiting scholars to participate in this important activity. The relatively small-college atmosphere within the department enables faculty, staff, and students to have close contact in an intellectually stimulating and professional environment. I invite you to come, meet our faculty, staff and students, and see why we are one of the premier food science departments in the country.

Future Perspectives

  • Collaboration with national as well as international institutions
  • Product development in collaboration with food industries
  • Up-gradation of laboratories
  • Initiation of research projects regarding subject matter
  • Establishment of pilot-scale baking, canning etc. food lines and nutraceutical food production unit
  • Food safety and quality evaluation centre

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