Research & Development Programs at Department of Botany

The Department is aiming to provide quality education in the areas of research. Currently research work is being carried out in the field of fungal taxonomy especially in Coelomycetes and Hyphomycetes, bio control of plant diseases by fungi, fungal diseases of fish and fungal human diseases. Mechanism of stress tolerance in plants is being studied by illusion of stress proteins, which enables researcher to screen varieties tolerant under various stresses. Genetic basis of salt tolerance is also under progress in different crops. Postgraduate study is also going on in the field of Enzymology, Mycology, Plant Physiology, Medicinal plants & Plant tissue culture.

Genomic resources are being utilized to enhance crop production by gene manipulation. Un raveling of various physiological and biochemical mechanisms of stress tolerance in plants is in progress. Moreover, research on seed metabolism, plant nutrition, and enzymology and plant growth regulators is in progress in different economically important crops.

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