Exploration of natural world of plants and allied creature for unraveling vast untapped resources of nature for the benefit of human race and for the glorification of knowledge.


We are committed to ordain human capital with excellence in the changing scientific scenario through innovative but interactive learning and research.


Being one of the oldest academic disciplines of this institution, the Department is privileged to have a strong faculty and academic program. At present, this Department is offering degree courses for BS (Hons), M. Sc, M. Phil and Ph. D programs.

The Department aims to provide quality education in the areas of research. A number of nationally and internationally funded research projects are also underway and the academia is focusing to broaden need-based research endeavors. Plant Molecular Biology, Plant Physiology, Plant Integrative Biology, Environmental Biology, Economic Botany and Microbial and Plant Biotechnology are the focal areas of research within the Department. Currently research work is being carried out in the field of plant molecular biology, fortification of cereal crops, medicinal plants and nutraceuticals, seed priming, enzymology, plant tissue culture, stress physiology, biochemistry, improving crop acclimation to different agro-climatic zones and fungal and algal taxonomy. Research on genetic basis of stress tolerance in different crops is also under progress. The genomic resources are being utilized to enhance crop production by gene manipulation. Furthermore, research activities on seed metabolism, plant nutrition and plant growth regulators are in progress for different economically important crops and medicinal plants.

Besides active involvement in transferring knowledge to the students, the induction of high class academia is also upgrading the faculty profile of the department. The department of Botany is becoming the first choice of students for learning through out Pakistan and the number of students is increasing annually. Until now 03 Ph. D, 57 M. Phil, 317 M. Sc and 87 BS(Hons) students have completed their degrees.  At present, 360 students are enrolled in BS (Hons), 198 in M. Sc, 35 in M. Phil and 14 in Ph. D programs.