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Chemical Engineering

To become a premier hub for Chemical Engineering Technology program, which is recognized for its diversity
and known for its quality and standards.


The mission of the department of Chemical Engineering is to offer academic programs with solid and
technical foundation that prepare students for professional practice, such as chemical process engineering,
application of chemical principles to industrial processes, problem solving, translating information into new processes product sand exercise leadership in industry, academia and government in terms of technical,economic and social issues.


Pakistan is a land of opportunities. Recently, as a result of CPEC project, Pakistan has gained a vital Geo-strategic
location in the region. This impact will increase the demand of technical professionals in the field of Chemical
Engineering Technology in the near future.
The department of Chemical Engineering at GCUF started its journey in 2016 and is the first government sector unit in
Faisalabad, which initiate the degree course in B.Sc. Chemical Engineering Technology under the umbrella of National
Technology Council (NTC).