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The vision of the department of Sociology is as under:

  1. To serve as a significant knowledge resource and prestigious learning department for the students of Govt. College University, Faisalabad, and Central Punjab;
  2. To provide congenial and pleasant atmosphere to the students to undertake their studies and research in the areas of Sociology; and
  3. To provide opportunities for overall development of students in a civilized and peaceful environment.


The mission of Sociology department is to provide the students with sociological knowledge which is relevant to practical life. This is being achieved by imparting knowledge and skills to young sociologists. Moreover, efforts are made to discover the broad pattern of interaction of social life that influences the social behavior. This is further strengthened by carrying out research on socio-economic and political problems of Pakistani society.


Sociological knowledge is applicable in every field, in every day personal interactional situation and in all aspects of life. Sociology is the scientific study of the human relationships and their consequences. It is the study of collective human behavior and social forces. It is committed to provide students with research skills that can be integrated usefully with relevant practical experience. Sociologist seeks to discover the board patterns of interaction of social life that influences social behaviors. We provide students with a coherent introduction to core themes and issues of the discipline in a stimulating environment. Moreover, the department of sociology offers graduate and post graduate education in sociology with a strong emphasis on communicative process and technologies within institutional settings, drawing on the active research interest of faculty and students. It also offers education in sociology within an interdisciplinary context which highlights the continuities and differences among a number of scientifically social prospective. Training in a range of methodologies and research skills appropriate to these disciplines provides rigorous foundation for this distinctive feature. In addition internship opportunity with international and national organizations working in the field of social development is provided to the students in order to blend the academic knowledge with practical skills.

Establishment and Programs

The department of Sociology was established in 2005 at Government College University Faisalabad. The faculty of the Department includes highly qualified and experienced teachers who have a track record of academic, research and practical field experience in social development sector. Moreover, they are involved in many social research and development projects. The department currently offers two study programmes at the M.Sc. degree level. The degree is awarded as Master of Science in Sociology. These two (morning and evening) programmes are two year duration each and spread on four (4) semesters. Moreover, BS (Hons.) of four year programme is being offered from this year (2010). The scheme of studies for BS (Hons.) is same as approved and introduced by HEC.

Efforts are being made to start very soon the M.Phil programme leading to Ph.D. in Sociology and short certificate courses on different social development aspects like Poverty Alleviation, Gender and Development, Communication and Presentation Skills, Community Management Skills, Urban Transportation Management, Urban Renewal, Participatory Relax/Rapid Approach (PAR), Project Planning and Logical Framework, Population Studies, and Social Problems of Pakistan etc.

Post Graduate Diploma in Community Development

Community Development and Community Participation is emerging to be a popular phenomenon in national and regional development plans. The community led projects are very popular throughout the world. The community development and community participatory projects demand special working skills for the community development experts, social organizers, field workers, sociologists and managers of such projects while interacting with community. The training of field workers greatly enhances their capability to mobilize communitiesin local community development programs. The demand of such professionals is increasing every day but there are very few organizations who could impart training regarding to community mobilization and community development. The managements of such projects are very keen to enhance the skills of their existing staff and developing the human resources by recruiting the new personals that are trained from a good institute or university in the field of community development. To meet this challenge some consultative meetings were conducted with the managers of organizations, working on community development projects and with donors and consultants located in Faisalabad, Lahore, Karachi, Islamabad, Peshawar and Quetta. The meetings were very productive and the managers of such projects expressed the need of short courses in the field of community development. Consequently, the post graduate diploma in “Community Development” is started. It will commence along with regular admission of master and bachelor programs. Total 30 students will be admitted this year.