Mr. Abdul Qadir Mushtaq
MPhil (Pak. Studies), GCUF
Assistant Professor / Incharge
Specialization: Constitutional and Political History of Pakistan, Foreign Policy of Pakistan

Mr. Ghulam Ghous
MPhil (History) QAU, Islamabad
Assistant Professor
Specialization: Freedom Movement, Party Politics and Political Parties in Pakistan, Historiography and Philosophy of History.

Dr. Shahid Latif
PhD (History) USSR
Assistant Professor
Specialization: Migration and Ethnicity

Dr. Rizwan Ullah Kokab
PhD (History), PU, Lahore.
Assistant Professor
Specialization: Modern History of South Asia, Movements Leadership, Separatism

Ms. Zil-e-Huma Rafique
MPhil (Pak. Studies) GCUF
Specialization: Pak-US Relations Political History of Pakistan

Ms. Somia Tasneem
MPhil (Pakistan Studies), GCUF
Lecturer (FDP) (On Study Leave)
Specialization: Culture and Tourism

Mr. Mazhar Abbas
MPhil (History) QAU, Islamabad
Specialization: Modern South Asia, Landed Aristocracy and Political History of Pakistan

Mr. Mansoor Ahmad
MPhil (History) QAU, Islamabad
Specialization: Modern South Asia and Pakistan History

Ms. Bushra Shaukat
MSc (Pakistan Studies) QAU, Islamabad
Specialization: Religion and Politics in Pakistan

Ms. Asma Naureen
MPhil (History), PU Lahore.
Specialization: Pakistan Movement

Ms. Iffat Tahira
MPhil. (Pakistan Studies), GCUF
Specialization: Local self government in Pakistan

Mr. Zaighum Sarfraz Kamoka
MPhil (History) QAU, Islamabad
Specialization: Modern south Asia and governance crises in Pakistan

Mr. Tohid Ahmed Chathha
MPhil (Pakistan studies)
Research Officer
Specialization: Religious extremism in Pakistan