Applied Linguistics


The vision of the Department of Applied Linguistics is to bridge the gap between language and literature and prepare proficient teachers of English language to enhance the communicative competence of the individuals.


The mission of the Department of Applied Linguistics is to give its students an in-depth and integrative understanding of the dynamics of language and its role in the construction of knowledge and values. In today’s world of linguistic diversity, the importance of learning a language in its global perspective becomes even acuter.


The Department aims at serving the nation by filling the gap of expertise in language related studies in the country, directing its special attention to qualitative improvement in the profession of language teaching/learning through field-specific research. The Department seeks to join hands with the HEC in paving the way towards the common goals of achieving excellence in language related studies/research and embarks upon this enterprise in conjunction with the centres sharing similar aspirations. In order to realize its aims, the Department offers specialized courses at different levels such as BS (Hons) in English Literature & Linguistics, MA English Linguistics & Literature, MPhil in Applied Linguistics and PhD in Linguistics.

Our spirited team aims at providing students with an understanding of the theoretical and empirical foundations of various disciplines of linguistics and applied linguistics, enabling them to develop an informed and critical awareness of the issues of linguistic analyses and use. Above all, students are trained to seek relevance and applications of theoretical perspectives in the national context.

Alongside academics, the Department organizes various events to groom its students. The students who are awarded degrees from the Department have a vast range of jobs to choose from.

The Post Graduate Diploma in ELT is an evening programme, primarily intended for teacher training. The syllabus of this programme includes the latest models of grammar and approaches and techniques of language teaching and testing.

Students are required to complete 140 credit hours to qualify for the degree. Major (76 credit hours) and Compulsory (30 credit hours) courses are offered by the Department, while students get themselves registered in Elective courses (35 credit hours) offered by different departments at the Bachelor level.