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Directorate of Undergraduate Studies

Dr. Zahed Mahmood
Director Undergraduate Studies

The Government College University Faisalabad is striving hard to achieve excellence through quality education and research. This institution is providing education to students according to the growing demands of Academia, Research organizations, Industry and thus contributing to the development of Nation at National & International level.

The University has 6 faculties comprised of 44 departments imparting education in various disciplines. Before the establishment of Directorate of Undergraduate Studies, every department was maintaining the complete student’s record at individual level. The University authorities realize the need to centralize the complete process of Admissions & maintenance of student’s record.

Keeping in view the above, Directorate of Undergraduate Studies was established in 2012 in order to maintain the complete record of the Undergraduate students from Admission till completion of degrees. The Directorate has also the responsibility to facilitate the students in their academic issues i.e. enrollment, re-enrollment, freezing, de-freezing and other relevant academic matters during the course of studies.

Moreover, the Directorate is maintaining the record file of every individual student admitted in Undergraduate programs including the students of affiliated colleges. Despite of meager resources in terms of infrastructure facilities and limited human resource, the   Directorate has been working successfully since 2012.


  1. Mr. Zeeshan Nawaz               Deputy Director
  2. Ms. Shabnoor Iqbal              Teaching Assistant
  3. Ms. Anum Batool                  Data Entry Operator
  4. Ms. Saira Noreen                  Data Entry Operator
  5. Mr. Ehsan Ullah                    Data Entry Operator