Office of Senior Tutor

Dr. Nadeem Sohail

Senior Tutor

Dr. Shahzad Ali Shahid Chattha

Additional Senior Tutor

Assistant Professor

Department of Applied Chemistry

Ext: 344


The Office of Senior Tutor is one of the important components of student affairs. This office is responsible to inculcate highly commendable spiritual, social and moral values and a leadership quality in it’s taught and organizes co-curricular activities for students at the campus. This Office has embarked upon a solid system includes: Tutorial Group Meeting (TGM) and Art & Literary Forum (ALF)). This Office also monitors the activities of different professional societies working under different faculties, institutions and departments.

TGM (Tutorial Group Meeting) is regularly held at weekly intervals in 5th period on each Friday. Tutorial groups offer a platform to discover, enlighten and polish the hidden capabilities of the students. Each student is being supervised by a Tutor who also acts as adviser. Students are encouraged to initiate any positive, constructive activity in consultation with their tutor who helps to improve their behavior and sharpen their intellect. Each Tutor acts as advisor to the students with the following responsibilities.

  • Hold weekly meeting with the students in class room to inculcate excellent moral values in the students and to polish their capabilities.
  • Render advisory services to the students in all the academic and non-academic matters.
  • Maintain student records of curricular and co-curricular achievements.
  • Maintain a close contact with students and keep a vigilant eye on their activities.
  • In case of any problem, to facilitate the students and try to resolve the problem.
  • In case of involvement of a student in indiscipline case, to coordinate the disciplinary advisory committee, based on information contained in the file of respective student regarding his conduct & character.
  • Finally update the given students’ file/record at the end of each semester and make assessment of students’ conduct and character to be reflected in their character certificates.

ALF, at larger level, provide a diversified set up (clubs) include: Qiraat & Naat, Debating, Quiz, Writers and Art club where students perform their potential and compete at university level and selected for a team who participate in various competitive events organized by different universities & institutions at national and International levels. Each club is managed by two university officials and elected cabinet members and meet weekly.


Capacity building of progressive youth who will be ready to face all type of challenges in their life successfully.


This Office is headed by a Senior Tutor, Additional Senior Tutor, assisted by Deputy Senior Tutors and many Tutors/Advisors. Whereas this Office presents emblems to the Faculty (Tutors/Advisor) to signify their unique status in the institute while Tutors/Advisor arrange weekly meetings of students to discuss the academic and co-academic issues, clubs activities and

  • To organize the meetings of potential Groups /Clubs for co-curricular activities.
  • To arrange and participate in co-curricular competitions at University or National levels.
  • To correspond with national and international institutes for collaborative participation and arrangement of different student’s events.
  • To Coordinate with HEC, Secretariat (President, Governor & Chief Minister) being a focal person for youth convention as well as student dialogue programs and performing art.
  • To organize seminars/Lectures pertinent to students’ character and career building.
  • To execute private and public sectors as well as Federal & Punjab Public Commissions for student’s career development.
  • To assist other academic and co-academic societies for the arrangement of student programs.


The main objective of the Office of Senior Tutor is to provide an attractive environment at the campus for students’ co-curricular activities. Despite this the office is responsible:

  • To inculcate excellent moral values in the Students for their character building.
  • To Provide a Platform to explore, enlighten and polish the positive hidden capabilities of the students.
  • To offer Advisory Services to students for their career development.