Progress Report of QEC

It started working vigorously in December 2008 under the kind supervision and patronage of the Vice Chancellor. The Vice Chancellor provided required space and necessary equipments for getting more effective and efficient working.

QEC started working with the staff appointment. The post of Director was filled by assigning additional charge to Dr. Shaukat Ali, Chairman Department of Physics, Ms Uzma was deputed from the department of Law as Coordinator/Deputy Director and two internees were hired against the vacant posts of data Analyst and Office assistant. The advertisement for the posts of Director, Deputy Director, Coordinator and Data Analyst was advertised in 12-09-2008. In the last month of 2008 two rooms were allotted to QEC.

In 2008 Ms Uzma Waseem attended two days of special training session at HEC.

In January2009, HODs/ Directors/ Incharge programs have been requested to nominate 2 members from their faculty to correspond with QEC and the Coordinator conducted meetings at QEC with Program Team (PT) members.

After constitution of Program Teams in each department of the university QEC started visits each and every department of GCUF and met HODs/ Chairpersons/ Incharges of the departments as well as program team members to Communicate purpose and functions of QEC.

The first practical step of QEC was the collection of data to use as Benchmark. For this purpose QEC had circulated customized proformae for Departmental Statistics to be used as Bench Mark.

In February 2009 QEC Circulated Self Assessment Proformae to two selected departments Home Economics and Business Administration. All departments have submitted filled in proformae and the summary of the collected data was prepared and submitted.

In March 2009 QEC demanded weekly worksheet, time table and Course plans from all the academic departments for the purpose of Quality Assurance.

In April 2009 2-Day workshop was conducted by HEC at Lahore which was attended by Ms. Uzma Waseem, Coordinator, QEC.

In April 2009 QEC launched its link on University website. The Self Assessment Manual, Proformae, News and Events, Activities and FAQs of QEC uploaded and updated on the university website on regular basis. Along with the Coordinator communicated with the departments and persuaded them to update their information, displayed at university website.

A “DROP BOX” was hung outside QEC for students and employees to enable them to submit their complaints and suggestions freely and anonymously.

In April 2009 on the request of QEC one day visit/ meeting of HEC officials with faculty members was arranged. Two days meeting held by HEC at Multan, dated 29-30 April 2009 was attended by Coordinator QEC.

Rectified and submitted to the HEC the University Statistics Proformae 200-2005.

In June 2009 QEC selected four more departments as per directions of HEC in the 12the Meeting of QEC in Multan.

In June 18, 2009 the Higher Education Profile was sent to the departments which are offering M. Phil and Ph. D or higher studies programs. In June 30, 2009 the interviews were conducted for the said advertised posts. Ms. Uzma was appointed as Coordinator QEC on permanent basis. QEC has become the part of recurring budget in 2009.

August 2009 two days Meeting was held by HEC at Karachi. Ms Uzma Waseem Coordinator, QEC had participated in the meeting.

A Data Analyst was appointed against the vacant post of Statistical Office in August 2009 on six month contract.

In October 2009 a Research Assistant and office Assistant were appointed on six month contract.

In November 2009 one more LCD Computer, a printer, the direct line for Coordinator QEC and a computer was provided for the newly hired staff. The equipment is sufficient for effective working  with five computers, two printers, a fax machine and a photocopier.

December 2009 Assessment Team was constituted as per the guidelines of HEC for completing Self Assessment Program.

Progress Report January 2010 to May 2010:


The Self Assessment Program was started in all the academic departments of the university. Six departments Home Economics, Business Administration, Islamic Studies, English Literature, Applied Linguistics and Industrial Management have completed Self Assessment Reports (SAP) in there departments in January 2010.

March 12-13, 2010 HEC held Fourteenth Meeting of QEC at Peshawar. Dr. Muhammad Qasim, Incharge QEC has participated in the meeting.

In March 2010 the Worthy Vice Chancellor approved Assessment Teams (ATs) for each department of the University. QEC revised Program Teams in March 2010.

In March six departments have completed Self Assessment Program and the reports were submitted to Vice Chancellor and HEC.

Right now eight departments

  • Chemistry
  • Botany
  • Mass Communication
  • Applied Psychology
  • Zoology
  • Geography
  • Education
  • Pharmacy

have selected for the implementation of SAP. The Self Assessment Proformae have been filled in by the students and teachers of these departments.

In March 2010 Academic Audit committee is constituted which is headed by Vice Chancellor. Dr. Qasim, Incharge QEC and Ms Uzma Waseem, Coordinator QEC are the members of this committee. The purpose of this committee is to monitor the academic quality of all academic departments.

QEC has organized a seminar/workshop on ‘Paper Setting’ dated April 29, 2010.

In April 2010 five departments Mass Communication, Applied Psychology, Pharmacy, Geography and Education have submitted Self Assessment Reports.

As approved by the Vice Chancellor, the QEC teams visited all the academic departments of the university from April 15, 2010 to April 28 and 2010 May 05, 2010 to May 14, 2010 and checked Time Tables, Attendance Registers, Regularity of classes, Weekly worksheets and Course plans. It is being done on regular basis.

As approved by the Vice Chancellor, the QEC teams visited all the departments of the university during Mid Term Exams from May 17, 2010 to May 21, 2010 to monitor the examination system at departmental level.

As per directions of Vice Chancellor, QEC is reviewing Question Paper, Quality of Assignments and projects for the purpose of Quality Assurance and Enhancement

QEC is going to organized one more seminar “Assessment About Quality Assurance Mechanism in Higher Education”

In the coming month (June 2010) QEC staff is going for two days training at HEC, Islamabad.