The programmes of College of Law, Engineering, and Pharmacy are accredited with their respective professional councils and these professional bodies visit as per their schedule. The programme of software engineering is in the process of accreditation.

  1. Pakistan Engineering Council
  2. Pakistan Botanical Society
  3. Zoological Society of Pakistan
  4. The Chemical Society of Pakistan
  5. Pakistan Society of Food Technologists
  6. Soil Science Society of Pakistan
  7. Soil Science Society of America
  8. Crop Science Society of America
  9. American Society of Agronomy
  10. Canadian Society of Soil Science
  11. American Geophysical Union
  12. National Curriculum Revision Committee, HEC, Pakistan
  13. Solid Waste Management Faisalabad
  14. Pakistan Psychological Association
  15. Zakariya Chemist Organization, BZU, Multan
  16. Institute of Electrical & Electronic Engineering (IEEE)
  17. Pakistan Pharmacist Association
  18. Pakistan Engineering Society
  19. District Bar Council
  20. Punjab Bar Council
  21. Pakistan Medical Dental Council, Islamabad
  22. Pakistan Medical Association
  23. Society of Surgeon, Faisalabad, Pakistan
  24. Pakistan Society of Laparoscopic Surgery
  25. Pakistan Society of Gastroenterology