Directorate of Academics

Dr. Zahira Batool
Director Academics

The Government College University Faisalabad is striving hard to establish and promote a quality and research culture. For this purpose several departments have been established. Among these departments at Government College University, Faisalabad Directorate of Academics was established in 2010 to streamline and improve academic activities at the university.


  • To improve student academic activity and instructional practices to the students.
  • To improve teacher’s communication skills and teaching methods.
  • To improve learning environment.
  • To support teachers for new trends in learning.
  • To ensure affective intention between student and teacher


  • Revision and up gradation of course contents.
  • Curriculum development and implementation.
  • Student counseling guidance on academic issues.
  • To maintain regularity of classes and online attendance system.
  • Reviewing rules and regulation regarding academic program.
  • Improving examination system and transparency of this system.