Department of Environmental Sciences wins three Research projects funded by ‘The ILSI Research Foundation (Combined worth ~ Rs. 5.0 million)

Under the dynamic and motivating leadership of the director ORIC and the Chairman Department of Environmental Sciences, Dr. Farhat Abbas, three assistant professors of the department have won three independent research projects to be funded by ‘The ILSI Research Foundation’.

Dr. Tanvir Shahzad, Principal Investigator of the project titled ‘Impact of rhizodeposition and incorporation of residues from Bt-cotton on soil ecosystem processes of carbon & nitrogen cycling’ has been awarded a research grant worth US$ 14,280.

Dr. Sabir Hussain, Principal Investigator of the project titled ‘Ecological impact of transgenic Bt cotton hybrids on soil biological attributes of varying agricultural soils in Pakistan’ has been awarded a research grant worth US$ 15,700.

Dr. Muhammad Saleem Arif, Principal Investigator of the project titled ‘Linking Cry-protein persistence with microbial diversity, enzymatic activity, nutrient cycling and gaseous emissions in soils under Bt cotton in Punjab’ has been awarded a research grant worth US$ 19,800.

It should also be noted that the said foundation based in USA is funding only five projects in Pakistan during its current campaign (year 2013) out of which three projects have been approved for funding for Department of Environmental Sciences of Government College University Faisalabad. It highlights the quality of research being conducted in this university as well as the high competency of the faculty members of the university. These grants will not only promote, strengthen, and enhance the research productivity of the Department of Environmental Sciences but it will also be a source of facilitation for the new graduate scholars. Further, these grants could become the harbinger of long term collaborations of this university with US based research organizations.