PSCSC decleration

Declaration of Pakistan Student Computer Society Congress 2015

Signed On the Twenty Sixth Day of April, Year Two Thousand And Fifteen

  1. The first episode of IEEE Pakistan Student Computer Society congress 2015 was organized from 24th April 2015 to 26th April 2015 at the Government College University Faisalabad.
  2. Ahsan Iqbal, Minister for Planning and Development inaugurated the congress. He was accompanied by Prof. Dr. Fazal A. Khalid, VC UET Lahore and Mr. Muhammad Ali, Vice Chancellor, Government College University Faisalabad.
  3. Pakistan Computer Society Faisalabad Chapter was inaugurated by Mr Tahir Mehmood Chaudhry.
  4. The panel discussion on “Challenges and Opportunities for Computing in Pakistan” was moderated by Dean Engineering and Sciences Mr. Farhat Abbas and panelists included Mr. Ahsan Iqbal, Dr. Fazal A. Khalid, and Dr. Muhammad Ali.
  5. Panel discussion on “Improving IEEE sections level coordination and Computer Society Scope in Pakistan” was moderated by Mr. Amir Zahoor and panelists included Mr. Parkash Lohana, Ms. Mehvish Zahoor, Mr. Ahsan Saeed and Ms. Sania Arshad.
  6. IEEE Pakistan SAC project held its first ever meeting at the IEEE PSCSC. Ms. Mehvish Zahoor, Mr. Farrukh Jamal and Mr. Ali Ashraf moderated the event. Certain issues and new initiatives were discussed.
  7. Workshop on “Software Defined Networks” was organized in collaboration with CISCO. Mr. Ahmed Abeer, CISCO representative delivered a workshop on SDN over the video conferencing.
  8. Tahir Mahmood Chaudry delivered a talk on entrepreneurship and how a startup is nurtured and what are the answers to some common questions.
  9. Babar Zahoor presented talk on “Why Open Source technologies are important for Pakistan”.
  10. Amir Zahoor presented workshop on Soft Skills development.
  11. Asma Sajid presented the talk on IEEE CS Student Awards with the students.
  12. Sania Arshad presented workshop on WIE activities and “Women in Computing”
  13. Ammar Jafferi presented his E-Faisalabad Project.
  14. Ravender Bhojwani, A Pakistani working at Amazon, delivered a video lecture on “My IEEE Journey from Pakistan to Amazon”.
  15. Ahmed Ali presented talk on “Role of Big data in Modern Technology”.
  16. Ali Kashif, a faculty member joined congress from Japan and delivered talk on “Cloud Computing in Pakistan”.
  17. Hackathon, an Application design competition was organized on the first day. Many students were told about how to design application on multiplatform network.
  18. Parsanth Mohan talked about the “IEEE CS Introduction and Membership retention”. He joined the congress over the video conference over skype.
  19. Arif Malik Talked about the technical talk on “Payoneer”.
  20. Haider Miraj talked about Jumpstart your career. It was attended by students, professionals and the honorable vice chancellor of Government College University Faisalabad.
  21. Muhammad Ahmed discussed Ambient Assisted Living communication system.
  22. Saleem M. Rafik, Director General NADRA Technical, discussed Role of Nadra in Computing for Pakistan

Declaration was approved and signed on 26th April 2015 by the following

Mr. Parkash Lohana
Chair, IEEE Karachi Section

Mr. Amjad Hussain Shah
MD Chair, IEEE Lahore Section

Mr. Farrukh Jamal
Chair, IEEE Young Professionals Islamabad Section

Ms. Asma Sajid
Congress Chair, IEEE Pakistan Student Computer Society Congress 2015

Prof. Dr. Muhammad Ali
Vice Chancellor, Government College University Faisalabad

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