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Tenders Archive

Date Title
28-04-2017 Miscellaneous Mess Facilities and Tuff Pavers Plateform and Roofing for New Girls Hostel
28-04-2017 6 ACs 2 Ton, 4 Wall Mounted ACs 1.5 Ton
26-04-2017 Outer Units for Water Chillers, Miscellaneous Civil / Electrical works Girls Hostel Old Campus
24-04-2017 Tender: Hall chairs, Sound System, Electric supply arrangements ,fiber optic connection,Construction of Road ,fixing of wooden wardrobe
20-04-2017 Tender Notice: 409,410 Supply of Paper Reams, Stationery Items
20-04-2017 Tender Notice: 405,406,407,408 Supply of Furniture Items,IT Equipments, Lab Equipments
19-04-2017 Collapsible Door Main Entrance of Hostel Blocks No. 5, 6, 7, 8 (New Campus)
19-04-2017 Tender: Provision of Iron Cots at girls hostel No 6 (New Campus)
19-04-2017 Tender: Provision of Iron Cots at girls hostel No 05 (New Campus)
14-04-2017 Tender No 387,393,394,399 : Plants For Estate care-II ,Tyres for Transport , Equipment for Department of Food Science and for Department of Pharmacy,
14-04-2017 Tender 401,403: Survey Lab Equipment’s for Civil Engineering, Equipment’s for Food Science ( HEC Project)
07-04-2017 Miscellaneous Civil / Electrical Works (Registrar branch, Geography, Bioinformatics, Main Library, Commerce, Community College)
07-04-2017 Provision of Faculty Staff Rooms / Miscellaneous Civil & Electrical Works (Economics, Allied Health Professional, Law)
07-04-2017 Providing and Fixing Double Impeller Pump (Ejector Type) with Irrigation System for Plants
06-04-2017 Miscellaneous works in different departments (Advance Studies, Registration Branch, Islamic Studies)
06-04-2017 Providing & Fixing 100-W LED Search Lights at Academic Blocks, Security Check Post, Admin Block, Library, Auditorium, Camp Office & Boundary Wall
05-04-2017 Raising of Boundary Wall at PIA Side (Remaining Portion), Sewer Line on Damaged Portion Regency Plaza Side (FITFD)
05-04-2017 Providing and Fixing of Speed Dome CCTV Cameras with Controlling Equipment & 65″ LED smart TV at Auditorium
31-03-2017 Razor Cut wire, Re-Fixing of Razor Cut Wire & Fiber Shed at Girls Hostels (New Campus)
31-03-2017 Re-construction of bathroom, P/L Porcelain tiles on corridors floor and walls including Sanitary and Electric work in Quaid-Azam Block/ boring and water supply pipelines, OHR 1000 Gallon in Basic Sciences Block
31-03-2017 Porcelain tiles in 1st floor main corridor and miscellaneous Civil/ electrical works of Mathematics department, Statistics department, Registrar Branch & Chairman Office Physiology department
31-03-2017 Miscellaneous Civil works at Federal and Khadija Girls Hostels (Old Campus)
30-03-2017 Miscellaneous Civil & Electrical works at department of Mass Communication, Pakistan Study, English Literature, Applied Linguistics, Sociology and Main Library (Old Campus)
30-03-2017 Installation M.S Board and M.S dust bin including S/F of M.S barrier for security measures in gates at main campus including civil & plumbing works in different departments
30-03-2017 Construction of Sweet Water Chiller Plant at Yousaf Block, Basic Sciences Block and Zoology Block (Old Campus)
24-03-2017 Providing & Installation of 2 No 10 KVA UPS at Auditorium (New Campus)
24-03-2017 4 TB Hard Disk, Chain Link Fence, PCC Flooring, Gate Wheel & Repairing
22-03-2017 Providing and Fixing Inverter AC at Seminar Hall STC
22-03-2017 Providing and Laying of Main Sewerage Line, Manholes (Old Campus)
14-03-2017 Tender 402 : Supply of Furniture Items for Foreign Faculty Guest House
14-03-2017 Tender 396: Supply of Electronic Items for Foreign Faculty Guest House
14-03-2017 Tender 392: Supply of Equipment for Department of Pharmacy
13-03-2017 Tender PHS 01/2017 DNA Analyser
01-03-2017 Tender 400, 401: Envelopes for Department of Examinations, Lab Equipments for Department of Civil Engineering
01-03-2017 Tender 397, 398, 399: Bus & Coaster for Transport Office,Multimedia for Electrical Engineering,Tyres for Transport
15-02-2017 Tender 390, 391, 393, 394, 395: Equipment for Physiology, Electrical Engineering, Estate Care, Pharmacy
13-02-2017 Tender Phy-06: Purchase of Equipments & Chemicals for Department of Physics
13-02-2017 4-Core (70 mm) Cable, Porcelain Tiles, Video Conference Renovation, IT Networking
09-02-2017 Fiber Optic, Network Switches, WiFi, Additional Civil works for High Tech Lab, Electrical work at Zoology
01-02-2017 Tender 388, 389: Chemicals, Computers
30-01-2017 Tender 384-386: Trophies, Awards, Envelopes, Tyres
30-01-2017 Tender 381-383: Equipment for Pharmacy, Botany and Physics Labs
29-01-2017 Tender 380, 387: Chemicals & Glassware and Food Science HEC Project
13-01-2017 Tender 377-379: Paper Reams, Zoology Equipment
11-01-2017 Tender 371-373: Photocopier Machine, Multimedia, Paper Reams
06-01-2017 Tender 375-376: Chemistry Laboratory Apparatuses and Survey Lab Equipments
06-01-2017 Tender 374: Mechanics Lab Equipment for Department of Mechanical Engineering Technology
06-01-2017 Tender Phy-05: Purchase of Equipment & Chemicals for Department of Physics
21-12-2016 Tenders Notice: Central Power Control Room, Digital Electric single phase meters
26-11-2016 Tender: Road, Sewerage System, Water Supply