Tenders Archive

Date Title
10-07-2017 Tender: Wired & Wireless Internet, Electrical Engineering Labs
10-07-2017 Tender: Wired & Wireless Internet, CCTV for Hi-Tech Lab
07-07-2017 Tender: Minar of Masjid, Civil and E.I works, Washrooms, hard standing facility for vehicles
22-06-2017 Tender 414, 417: Hardware & Software for Geography, Prospectus 2017 (UCC)
17-06-2017 Tender: Solid Flush Doors, Wooden Cabinets, Library, Civil & Plumbing work
17-06-2017 Tender: Ramp, razor cut wire, iron grill, Collapsible Door
17-06-2017 Tender: Internet Facilities, Civil / Electrical works at Computer Lab Institute of Art & Design
17-06-2017 Tender: Internet Facilities at Pharmaceutical Sciences, Miscellaneous Electrical / Civil work at different departments
17-06-2017 Tender: Construction of missing Parapet, Basic Science Block, Masjid, Civil / Electrical works in Physics, Degree College, Security Hooter, Repairing of Fans
17-06-2017 Tender: Civil / Electrical Work, Repairing and Fixing Iron Fencing Wall
17-06-2017 Tender: Seminar Halls, Water Supply Line, AC Accessories
17-06-2017 Tender: Water Chiller, Civil / Sanitary & Electrical Works
17-06-2017 Tender: Anti-termite Spray, Wardrobe Almirah, Electrical / Sanitary works, Glass Shed
09-06-2017 Tender Notice: Hiring of Consultancy Services for Carrying out Third Party Validation
09-06-2017 Tender Notice: Laying of Internal Network of gas ,Construction of water chiller ,Construction of 03 No. rooms
09-06-2017 Tender: Construction of Protective Platform for Weather Station
09-06-2017 Tender: 125 Gallon Electric Water Cooler
08-06-2017 Tender: Internal Water Supply Line and Connection to Main Line
08-06-2017 Tender: Miscellaneous Civil / Electrical Work in Law, Persian, Eastern Medicine, Economics, Mathematics, Bioinformatics & Biotechnology
08-06-2017 Tender: Meeting Room, Computer Lab, HOD Office, Civil / Electrical Works
08-06-2017 Tender: Wooden Cabinet for Official Record and Uplifting of PhD Research Lab, Meeting Room & Miscellaneous Civil / Electrical Works
08-06-2017 Tender: Establishment of Director Advance Studies Office
08-06-2017 Tender: Wooden Cabinets, Civil, Electrical & Plumbing Work
08-06-2017 Tender: Miscellaneous Electrical Work
01-06-2017 Tender 419: Equipment for Department of Zoology
31-05-2017 Tender 417: Prospectus 2017, University Community College
26-05-2017 Tender: Bulk Supply Connection, Sir Syed Block New Campus
25-05-2017 Tender Notice 394,401,416: Supply of Equipment for Pharmacy Practice,Survey Lab Equipment ,Laptops for Disabled Students DLE
25-05-2017 Tender Notice 414,415:Hardware & Software for Geography Depart. & Laptops for Disabled Students DLE
22-05-2017 Tender Notice 413: Supply of Paper Reams for Controller Office ,GCUF.
22-05-2017 Tender: Iron Cots at Girls Hostel No 08
22-05-2017 Tender: Iron Cots
10-05-2017 Tender Notice : Supply of Biochemical Analysis Kits for Department of Food Science, GCUF.
04-05-2017 Tender Notice 404: Supply of Security Equipments for Department of Security
04-05-2017 Tender Notice 411, 412: Supply of Equipments for Department of Chemistry, Botany
01-05-2017 Digital Electrical Single Phase Meter, Approach Path, Boundary Wall with Gate, Auditorium Hall Chairs, Sound System, Solar Based Hybrid System, Computer Lab, Fiber Optic Work, Wooden Wardrobe, Road, Tuff Tile
28-04-2017 Establishment of Miscellaneous Mess Facilities and Tuff Pavers Plateform and Roofing for New Girls Hostel No. 7 (New Campus)
28-04-2017 Security Guard Rooms at Boundary Wall (Girls Hostel 5 to 8)
28-04-2017 Miscellaneous Mess Facilities and Tuff Pavers Plateform and Roofing for New Girls Hostel
28-04-2017 6 ACs 2 Ton, 4 Wall Mounted ACs 1.5 Ton
26-04-2017 Outer Units for Water Chillers, Miscellaneous Civil / Electrical works Girls Hostel Old Campus
24-04-2017 Tender: Hall chairs, Sound System, Electric supply arrangements ,fiber optic connection,Construction of Road ,fixing of wooden wardrobe
20-04-2017 Tender Notice: 409,410 Supply of Paper Reams, Stationery Items
20-04-2017 Tender Notice: 405,406,407,408 Supply of Furniture Items,IT Equipments, Lab Equipments
19-04-2017 Collapsible Door Main Entrance of Hostel Blocks No. 5, 6, 7, 8 (New Campus)
19-04-2017 Tender: Provision of Iron Cots at girls hostel No 6 (New Campus)
19-04-2017 Tender: Provision of Iron Cots at girls hostel No 05 (New Campus)
14-04-2017 Tender No 387,393,394,399 : Plants For Estate care-II ,Tyres for Transport , Equipment for Department of Food Science and for Department of Pharmacy,
14-04-2017 Tender 401,403: Survey Lab Equipment’s for Civil Engineering, Equipment’s for Food Science ( HEC Project)
07-04-2017 Miscellaneous Civil / Electrical Works (Registrar branch, Geography, Bioinformatics, Main Library, Commerce, Community College)

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