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Seminars Archive

Date Title
23-07-2016 ANTI-DENGUE DAY
03-10-2014 National Conference on Education (GCUNCE-2014)
08-09-2014 Indigenous On Campus Training for Non-Teaching Staff (Day 1: Inaugural Session)
27-05-2014 Two Days Awareness Seminar on Environmental Radioactivity in Collaboration with Pakistan Nuclear Regularity Authority
27-05-2014 Seminar on Solution of Social Problems and SEERAT-E-NABVI
27-05-2014 Three Days Workshop on Basic Life Support
26-05-2014 Seminar on Education, Health and Peace
23-05-2014 Blood Donation Awareness Seminar
16-05-2014 Seminar on Entrepreneurial in Pakistan
16-05-2014 Seminar on Halal Foods
09-05-2014 World Thalassemia Day
03-05-2014 Seminar on Poverty in Pakistan
30-04-2014 Workshop on Web Technologies and Oracle Solaris
23-04-2014 One Day Seminar on Development of Vaccines: Current Status & Future Perspectives
11-04-2014 Seminar on the Role of Chamber of Commerce and Banking Sector in Pakistan’s Economics
11-04-2014 Leadership Training Programme for Senior Management & Administrators of HEIs of Pakistan
07-04-2014 Two Days Workshop on Scientific Communication
28-03-2014 Seminar on Engineering Management
25-03-2014 Seminar on Community Journalism
23-03-2014 Seminar in Department of Food Science on World Water Day
22-03-2014 NAAT Training Workshop
20-03-2014 Seminar on Leagle Issues for Pharmacy
13-03-2014 Seminar on Social Issues of Pakistan
10-03-2014 Four Days Workshop on Statistics for Research
27-02-2014 2nd International Conference on Global Environmental Changes
26-02-2014 Seminar in Food Science Department on Curriculum Development for Degree Programs
21-02-2014 Four Days Workshop on Statistics for Research
20-02-2014 2nd Day of 1st International Conference on Applied Chemical, Biological and Aquatic Life Sciences
20-02-2014 Awareness Seminar on Research Based Scholarships in Japan
15-02-2014 Seminar on Peace, Justice and Cooperation among the Youngsters
14-02-2014 Seminar in Department of Food Science
13-02-2014 Workshop in Institute of Fashion & Textile Design
11-02-2014 Workshop About Online Business
07-02-2014 Seminar on Extrusion Technology
30-01-2014 GRE Preparatory Workshop
29-01-2014 Two Day Seminar on Curent Crisis in Macroeconomics Thinking logic,Facts and way Farward
28-01-2014 One Day Seminar on Time Series Analysis
23-01-2014 One Day Symposium on Modern Trends in Chemistry for Humanity
23-01-2014 Seerat Conference
20-01-2014 One Day Workshop on Vacuum Science and Technology
16-01-2014 Seminar on Grading in Semester System
19-12-2013 National Conference on Quaid-e-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah
12-12-2013 One Day Symposium on Prospects for A Glorious Pakistan: Role of Emerging Technologies
12-12-2013 One Day Workshop on PowerLab
24-10-2013 ICAC 2013: 1st International Conference on Applied Chemistry
04-10-2013 Two Day International Conference on Museology and Museography
19-09-2013 Pharma Industry Contribution for Diabetes Management and Career Development
19-09-2013 Quality Assurance and Acriditation Awareness Seminar in Food Science Department
17-09-2013 An International Seminar on “Water Pollution and Its Impact on Fish Quality” held on 12 September 2013 at Government College for Women Mianwali, Pakistan
16-09-2013 Quality Assurance and Accreditation Awareness Seminar for Agriculture Degree Programs