Call for Papers: Contemporary Trends and Approaches in English Language and Literature

Two Day National Conference Organized by Department of English Literature Government College University, Faisalabad on 6-7 December 2016


The approaches to studying and interpreting English language and literature have undergone a sea change in the wake of contemporary theories and practices in both the disciplines. English language is a site of major debates for its role in the project of colonization and its subsequent legacy in the age of globalization where the politics of ideology and identity have overtaken all other considerations. Whether English should be the medium of instruction continues to be a contentious issue in Pakistan and there seems to be no end to the controversy. Similarly once literature was considered an innocent and aesthetic discipline with no end of its own. Now literature is believed to be political and cultural discourse. The study of literature demands rigorous critical scrutiny to unravel its underlying invisible structures. The conference will focus on all the issues of scholarly significance to the students and faculty. The last two decades of Pakistan’s university culture has generated a lot of research work and has contributed to Pakistani variety of English and Pakistani literature in English. The conference will further this agenda of promotion of Pakistani English language and literature besides generating awareness of world literatures. . It will further promote discussion on the issues of recent trends in emerging literatures like Pakistani literature in English, Translation Studies, Dalit literature, Native American literature, and Afro-American literature.  It will open new avenues of research for the scholars of language and literature and provide them an opportunity to interact with and learn from Pakistani intellectual intelligentsia. 

Scope of the Conference

The conference carries great significance for the students, teachers and intelligentsia of this region as it intends to create awareness about the latest trends and currents in both language and literature. The conference will be of immense importance as it will give an opportunity to all the concerned to interact and share the ideas with one another and learn through mutual interaction. It will promote culture of research and genuine scholarship in the region.

Deadline for the Submission of Abstracts: 15-10-2016

Abstracts can be submitted at engconfgcuf@gmail.com

List of Themes and Topics for Paper Submission

  1. Issues and Debates in Pakistani Literature in English
  2. Pakistani Literature in Translation
  3. Translation Studies
  4. Postcolonialism, Globalization and Third World Literature
  5. Comparative Literature
  6. Resistance/War Literature
  7. Afro-American and Native American Literature
  8. Diaspora Studies
  9. Contemporary Debates in Modern Literary and Critical Theory
  10. Gender Studies
  11. Cultural Studies
  12. Post Theory World
  13. National Language Policy
  14. World Englishes
  15. Regional Languages
  16. Sociolinguitics
  17. Postmodern Pedagogies
  18. Contemporary Trends in English Language Teaching in Pakistan
  19. Varieties of Pakistani English and their Role in Language Teaching

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