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Award of PEEF Master Level Scholarship 1st & 2nd BI-ANNUAL INSTALLMENTS FOR Master 2016

The PEEF Scholarship Holder Students’ session 2016-18 under heading program are informed to collect their acknowledgement sheet from Students’ Financial Aid Office. The acknowledgement sheet duly signed by the Chairperson of Department mentioned on it with following requirements, should be submitted before 22nd September, 2017 for payment of their scholarship E-card.
1. Fee voucher of 3rd Semester
2. One CNIC copies of Self, Father/Guardian
3. University Card
4. Last semester result
5. Scholarship Feed Back Form from Photostat shop
6. Bonafied Certificate from Concerned department
7. Five (05) rupees Revenue Ticket from post office
8. For boarder student, certificate from Hall warden and paid current voucher
For further information contact Ms. Saima Parveen, Incharge, Students’ Financial Aid Office. Contact No. 041-9201301

List of Selected PEEF Scholars 2016-18

Student’s Name Father Name Deptt. Total Scholarship Amount
Iqra Noreen Abdul Majeed MSc. Chemistry 91400/-
Humaira Maqbool Maqbool Ahmad MSc. Chemistry 91400/-
Maryam Abid Abid Mehmood MSc. Chemistry 91400/-
Saddam Hussain Auorang Zeb MSc. Chemistry 91400/-
Sidra Rasool Ghulam Rasool MSc. Chemistry 91400/-
Attia Khadim Khadim Hussain MSc. Chemistry 71400/-
Asma Sabir Sabir Ali Sabir MSc. Chemistry 91400/-
Attia Yaseen Ghulam Yaseen MSc. Chemistry 91400/-
Muhammad Usman Ashraf Muhammad Ashraf MSc. Chemistry 91400/-
Umera Farooq Muhammad Farooq MSc. Chemistry 115400/- Boarder
Tahniat Tahir Tahir Mahmood Javeed MSc. Chemistry 115400/- Boarder
Momina Nawaz Muhammad Nawaz MSc. Chemistry 91400/-
Fariha Arshad Muhammad Arshad MSc. Chemistry 91400/-
Muhammad Rashid Abdul Ghaffar MSc. Chemistry 91400/-
Zeeshan Ali Kamra Ali MSc. Chemistry 91400/-
Muhammad Aftab H.Muhammad Usman MSc. Chemistry 91400/-
Sonia Rafiq Muhammad Rafiq MSc. Chemistry 91400/-
Arfa Yaqoob Muhammad Yaqoob MSc. Chemistry 91400/-
Imtiaz Ahmad Manzoor Ahmad MSc. Chemistry 91400/-
Uswa Aslam Muhammad Aslam Javed MSc. Chemistry 115400/- Boarder
Rafia Aqsa Saleem Muhammad Saleem Raza MSc. Chemistry 91400/-
Memoona Akram Muhammad Akram MSc. Chemistry 91400/-
Waseem Talib Talib Hussain MSc. Chemistry 91400/-
Haroon Javed Muhammad Javed MSc. Chemistry 91400/-
Waqas Shaukat Ali Shaukat Ali MSc. Chemistry 91400/-
Muhammad Salman Zahoor Zahoor Ahmad MSc. Chemistry 91400/-
Gul Saba Munawar Muhammad Munawar MSc. Chemistry 115400/- Boarder
Sajid Hussain Allah Dittah MSc. Chemistry 91400/-
Urva Khalid Muhammad Khalid MSc. Chemistry 91400/-
Aden Fatima Muhammad Fateh Ullah Qadri MSc. Chemistry 115400/- Boarder
Mahwish Iqbal Javeed Iqbal MSc. Chemistry 91400/-
Wajeeha Wahab Abdul Wahab MSc. Chemistry 91400/-
Sehrish Mehmood Mehmood Aalam MSc. Chemistry 91400/-
Sonia Naz Malik Abdulsattar MSc. Chemistry 91400/-
Mariam Sultan Sultan Ali MSc. Chemistry 91400/-
Nabila Akram Muhammad Akram Parvaiz MSc. Chemistry 91400/-
Muhammad Faryad Ejaz Ahmad MSc. Chemistry 91400/-
Shinza Zia Zia Ul Hassan MSc. Chemistry 91400/-
Ali Nawaz Muhammad Nawaz MSc. Chemistry 71400/-
Muhammad Sajjad Saleh Muhammad MSc. Chemistry 71400/-
Mujahid Iqbal Mushtaq Ahmed MSc. Chemistry 71400/-
Shamim Muhammad Ashraf Nadeem MSc. Chemistry 71400/-
Shumaila Ibrahim Muhammad Ibrahim MSc. Chemistry 95400/- Boarder
Saba Noureen Allah Ditta MSc. Chemistry 71400/-
Amna Gull Muhammad Amjad Khan MSc. Chemistry 71400/-
Amina Manzoor Manzoor Ahmad MSc. Chemistry 71400/-
Taj Bibi Bashir Ahmad MSc. Chemistry 95400/- Boarder
Saira Bano Ghulam Shabbir MSc. Chemistry 95400/- Boarder
Madeeha Tabassum Muhammad Ishfaq MSc. Chemistry 71400/-
Misbah Alam Alam Sher MSc. Chemistry 95400/- Boarder
Muhammad Junaid Alam Alam Sher MSc. Chemistry 71400/-
Maryam Batool Muhammad Saleem MSc. Chemistry 95400/- Boarder
Taiba Latif Muhammad Latif MSc. Chemistry 71400/-
Iram Shehzadi Jafar Ali MSc. Chemistry 95400/- Boarder
Misbah Muneer Muhammad Muneer MSc. Chemistry 71400/-
Faisal Sattar James MSc. Chemistry 71400/-
Amara Aftab Shahid Aftab MSc. Chemistry 71400/-
Isra Khalid Khalid Mehmood MSc. Chemistry 95400/- Boarder
Sehar Faryad Faryad Maseeh MSc. Chemistry 95400/- Boarder
Muhammad Rais Aslam Muhammad Aslam MSc. Chemistry 71400/-
Maryam Rabbani Ghulam Rabbani MSc. Chemistry 95400/- Boarder
Iqra Aslam Muhammad Aslam MSc. Chemistry 71400/-
Ayesha Nasir Nasir Raza MSc. Chemistry 71400/-
Aqsa Iqbal Muhammad Iqbal Naveed MSc. Chemistry 71400/-
Abdul Ahad Muhammad Ismail MSc. Chemistry 71400/-
Aneeza Iqbal Iqbal Muhammad M.Phil Bio Chemistry 132080/-
Arfa Liaquat Rana Liaquat M.Phil Bio Chemistry 132080/-
Anam Rubab Muhammad Afzal M.Phil Bio Chemistry 132080/-
Ashir Aslam Muhammad Aslam M.Phil Bio Chemistry 132080/-
Quasir Hussain Mian Muhammad M.Phil Analytical Chemistry 132080/-
Muhammad Ahsan Nadeem Muhammad Azam M.Phil Bio Chemistry 132080/-
Khadija Naseer Naseer Ahmad M.Phil Bio Chemistry 156080/- Boarder
Muhammad Ahsan Khan Ehsan Ul Haq Khan Durrani M.Phil Analytical Chemistry 132080/-
Iqra Masood Masood Ahmad M.Phil Analytical Chemistry 132080/-
Muhammad Uzair Muhammad Mushatq M.Phil Analytical Chemistry 132080/-
Maida Murtaza Muhammad Murtaza M.Phil Analytical Chemistry 132080/-
Anam Saddique Muhammad Sadique M.Phil Analytical Chemistry 132080/-
Muhammad Bilal Nazar Hussain M.Phil Analytical Chemistry 132080/-
Samina Iqbal Muhammad Iqbal M.Phil Analytical Chemistry 132080/-
Muhammad Nasir Muhammad Baksh M.Phil Analytical Chemistry 132080/-
Shabana Rajab Rajab Ali M.Phil Inorganic Chemistry 132080/-
Madeeha Munir Munir Ahmad M.Phil Inorganic Chemistry 132080/-
Iqra Ashraf Muhammad Ashraf M.Phil Inorganic Chemistry 132080/-
Ume Ul Baneen Sajid Sajid Wahab M.Phil Inorganic Chemistry 156080/- Boarder
Raja usman Haider Raja Nowsherwan Khan M.Phil Inorganic Chemistry 132080/-
Laila Nawaz Haq Nawaz M.Phil Inorganic Chemistry 132080/-
Zanobia Mehreen Ghulam Shabbir M.Phil Inorganic Chemistry 132080/-
Ali Raza Shah Shabbir Hussain Shah M.Phil Inorganic Chemistry 132080/-
Maria Yousaf Muhammad Yousaf M.Phil Inorganic Chemistry 132080/-
Usman Nazeer Nazeer Ahmad M.Phil Organic Chemistry 132080/-
Iqra Khaliq Abdul Khaliq M.Phil Organic Chemistry 132080/-
Sumera Yasmin Muhammad Saddique M.Phil Organic Chemistry 132080/-
Laila Tul Qadar Rana Muhammad Sharif M.Phil Organic Chemistry 132080/-
Shumaila Javaid Javaid Iqbal M.Phil Organic Chemistry


Muhammad Kashif H. Wahid Bakhsh M.Phil Organic Chemistry 132080/-
Shumaila Maqsood Maqsood Ahmad M.Phil Organic Chemistry 132080/-
Farhat Ijaz Ijaz Ul Qadeer M.Phil Physical Chemistry 132080/-
Umair Shahid Shahid Rafique M.Phil Physical Chemistry 132080/-
Safia Naz Umar Hayat M.Phil Physical Chemistry 132080/-
Iqra Maqbool Maqbool Ahmad M.Phil Physical Chemistry 132080/-
Muhammad Haq Nawaz Allah Bakhsh M.Phil Physical Chemistry 132080/-
Nabigha Naseer Ahmad Naseer Ahmad M.Phil Physical Chemistry 132080/-
Mahwish Anum Muhammad Abbas Saqib M.Phil Physical Chemistry 132080/-
Adila Arshad Muhammad Arshad M.Phil Applied Chemistry 132080/-
Nabila Irshad Muhammad Irshad M.Phil Applied Chemistry 132080/-
Kashif Nisar Nisar Ahmad M.Phil Applied Chemistry 132080/-
Arooj Kanwal Muhammad Hanif M.Phil Applied Chemistry 132080/-
Muhammad Nasif Abdul Ghafoor M.Phil Applied Chemistry 132080/-
Asif Raza umar Draz M.Phil Applied Chemistry 132080/-
Mahpara Din Muhammad Din M.Phil Applied Chemistry 132080/-
Iqra Ayub Muhammad Ayub M.Phil Applied Chemistry 132080/-
Nabeel Rizwan Rizwan Ahmad M.Phil Applied Chemistry 132080/-
Nosheen Ashraf Muhammad Ashraf M.Phil Applied Chemistry 132080/-
Javeria Akram Muhammad Akram M.Phil Applied Chemistry 132080/-
Saif Ur Rehman Muhammad Aslam Javed M.Phil Applied Chemistry 132080/-
Amina Qasim Muhammad Qasim M.Phil Applied Chemistry 132080/-
Sanam Naz Muhammad Anwar M.Phil Applied Chemistry 132080/-
Tayyaba Ayesha Muhammad Aslam M.Phil Applied Chemistry 132080/-
Srafraz Ahmed Maqbool Ahmed MSc. Physics 91400/-
Basharat Ali Sakhawat Ali MSc. Physics 91400/-
Muhammad Farhan Ghulam Nazik MSc. Physics 91400/-
Maha Sarwar Sarwar Ali MSc. Physics 115400/- Boarder
Nimra Bhati Muhammad Shafique MSc. Physics 91400/-
Tanveer Ahmad Ahmad Ali MSc. Physics 91400/-
Sania Nisar Nisar Ahmad MSc. Physics 91400/-
H. Amman Ullah Noor Ali MSc. Physics 91400/-
Zainab Naseem Muhammad Qasim MSc. Physics 91400/-
Munir Sohail Muhammad Ramzan MSc. Physics 91400/-
Sana Ghaffar Abdul Ghaffar MSc. Physics 91400/-
Muhammad Khalid Shabir Ahmad MSc. Physics 91400/-
Ahmad Raza Muhammad Afzal MSc. Physics 91400/-
Asbah Ihsan Ihsan Ul Haq MSc. Physics 115400/- Boarder
Ayesha Batool Muhammad Yaseen MSc. Physics 91400/-
Muhammad Hamza Akhtar Pervaiz Akhtar MSc. Physics 91400/-
Ghulam Mustafa Ghulam Shabir MSc. Physics 91400/-
Muhammad Fuzail Ghulam Haider MSc. Physics 91400/-
Muhammad Shahbaz Muhammad Hussain MSc. Physics 91400/-
Muhammad Naseer Muhammad Yousaf MSc. Physics 91400/-
Tahir Usman Sher Muhammad MSc. Physics 91400/-
Ghulam Hashim Allah Wasaya MSc. Physics 91400/-
Muhammad Usman Muhammad Iqbal Hussain MSc. Physics 91400/-
Farkhanda Jaben Muhammad Hanif MSc. Physics 115400/- Boarder
Afhsan Anjum Muhammad Ashiq MSc. Physics 91400/-
Maryam Latif Muhammad Latif MSc. Physics 91400/-
Asia Tabassum Amjad Toufeeq MSc. Physics 91400/-
Riaz Hussain Shair Muhammad MSc. Physics 91400/-
Hamza Ejaz Ijaz Hussain Abid MSc. Physics 91400/-
Muhammad Muzamil Akhtar Muhammad Akhtar MSc. Physics 91400/-
Arslan Haider Syed Mukhtiar Hussain Shah MSc. Physics 91400/-
Irfan Rashid Rashid Ahmed MSc. Physics 91400/-
Muhammad Sohail Ahmad Nazee Ahmad MSc. Physics 91400/-
Karam Bhari Muhammad ARif MSc. Physics 115400/- Boarder
Haider Ali Asghar Ali M.Phil Physics 132080/-
Muhammad Hassan Bashir Muhammad Bashir M.Phil Physics 132080/-
Kalim Shahzad Muhammad Nasir M.Phil Physics 132080/-
Muhammad yaseen Imam Bukhsh M.Phil Physics 132080/-
Nida Rauf Abdul Rauf MSc. Physics 71400/-
Abid Ali Abbas Ghulam Abbas MSc. Physics 71400/-
Muhammad Akhtar Muhammad Afzal MSc. Physics 71400/-
Imdad Hussain Muhammad Arif MSc. Physics 71400/-
Rabia Saeed Saeed Ahmad Khan MSc. Physics 71400/-
Zakia Rafiq Muhammad Rafiq MSc. Physics 71400/-
Anam Shahzadi Manzoor Ahmed MSc. Physics 71400/-
Irum Ijaz Muhammad Ijaz MSc. Physics 95400/- Boarder
Zahoor Ul Hassan H . Muhammad Hassan MSc. Physics 71400/-
Zubair Hassan Muhammad Mansha MSc. Physics 71400/-
Iqra Rafiq Muhammad Fariq MSc. Physics 95400/- Boarder
Abid Hussain Abdul Ghafoor MSc. Physics 71400/-
Faiza Naz Muhammad Aslam MSc. Physics 71400/-
Rida Rafiq Muhammad Rafiq MSc. Physics 95400/- Boarder
Fareeha Latif Muhammad Latif MSc. Physics 95400/- Boarder
Khadija Saif Ullah Saif Ullah MSc. Zoology 95400/- Boarder
Fazeela Majeed Abdul Majeed MSc. Zoology 71400/-
Amina Aftikhar Iftikhar Ahmad Awan MSc. Zoology 95400/- Boarder
Mudassar Yaseen Muhammad Yaseen MSc. Zoology 71400/-
Shafqat Rasool Alam Geer MSc. Zoology 71400/-
Qamar Un Nisa Kafait Ullah MSc. Zoology 71400/-
Muhammad Tahir Haji Naseer Ahmed MSc. Zoology 71400/-
Muhammad Adnan Saghar Ashiq Ali MSc. Physics 71400/-
Muhammad Talha Bin Razaq Abdul Razaq Asif MSc. Physics 71400/-
Kainat Javeed Muhammad Javeed MSc. Physics 71400/-
Muhammad Waleed Muhammad yasin MSc. Physics 71400/-
Zunaira Shafique Muhammad Shafique MSc. Physics 71400/-
Muhammad Saghir Ghulam Fareed MSc. Physics 71400/-
Muhammad Adeel Sajid Muhammad Shafique MSc. Physics 71400/-
Muhammad Haneef Muhammad Ismail MSc. Physics 71400/-
Samina Abid Abid Hussain MSc. Physics 71400/-
Rida Laraib Arif Hussain MSc. Physics 71400/-
Mubsher Hussain Muhammad Hanif MSc. Physics 71400/-
Zafer Abbas Faiz Muhammad MSc. Physics 71400/-
Muhammad Yousaf Manay Khan MSc. Physics 71400/-
Sohail Qamar Ghulam Rasool MSc. Physics 71400/-
Muhammad Irfan Ali Mubark Ali MSc. Physics 71400/-
Shazia Muhamma d Latif MSc. Physics 71400/-
Usman Haider Ghulam Ghous MSc. Physics 71400/-
Faizan Arif Muhammad Arif MSc. Physics 71400/-
Misbah Khan Ashiq Muhammad MSc. Physics 71400/-
Maria Faiz Faiz Rasool MSc. Math 71400/-
Zia Ur Rehman Mushtaq Ahmed MSc. Math 71400/-
Shazmeena Riaz Riaz Ahmad MSc. Math 71400/-
Dilawar Hussain Muhammad Riaz MSc. Math 71400/-
Aqib Ali Muhammad Boota MSc. Math 71400/-
Sofia Zulfiqar Zulfiqar Ali MSc. Math 71400/-
Muzammal Hussain Liaqat Ali MSc. Math 71400/-
Edan Faryal Babar Hussain MSc. Math 71400/-
Hafiza Saba Asghar Muhammad Ashar MSc. Math 71400/-
Shaheena Arshad Muhammad Arshad MSc. Math 71400/-
Saba Kausar Muhammad Saeed MSc. Math 71400/-
Muhammad Farhan Muhammad Yousaf MSc. Math 71400/-
Iqra Younas Muhammad Younas MSc. Math 71400/-
Samreen Kousar Naseer Ahmad MSc. Math 71400/-
Ayesha Maqsood Ameer Maqsood Ahmad MSc. Math 95400/- Boarder
Zaib Un Nisa Muhammad Ismail MSc. Math 71400/-
Waheed Mustafa Ghulam Mustafa MSc. Math 71400/-
Muhammad Adnan Muhammad Ramzan MSc. Math 71400/-
Muhammad Yousaf Abdul Majeed MSc. Math 71400/-
H. Muhammad Zeeshan Jan Muhammad MSc. Math 71400/-
Izza Khaliq Abdul Khaliq MSc. Math 95400/- Boarder
Saad Ullah Manzoor Ahmed MSc. Math 71400/-
Kinat Rehman Abdul Rehman MSc. Math 71400/-
Amir Hassan Dost Muhammad MSc. Math 71400/-
Tahira Parveen Muhammad Siddique MSc. Math 71400/-
Anam Shahzadi Abdul Rasheed MSc. Math 71400/-
Iqra Abdul Jabbar Abdul Jabbar MSc. Math 71400/-
Akhtar Hussain Muhamma d Anwar MSc. Math 71400/-
Fakhar Abbas Khadim Hussain MSc. Math 71400/-
Ghulam Akbar Haider Bakhsh MSc. Math 71400/-
Muhammad Irfan Hameed Abdul Hameed MSc. Math 91400/-
Rimsha Saleem Muhammad Slaeem MSc. Math 91400/-
Farhan Ahmad Ahmad Din MSc. Math 91400/-
Ume Farwa Muhammad Aslam MSc. Math 91400/-
Muhammad Imran Muhammad Ramzan MSc. Math 91400/-
Shoaib Hameed Abdul Hameed MSc. Math 91400/-
Muhammad Umair Muhammad Sarwar Zahid MSc. Math 91400/-
Muhammad Nadeem Fazal Ahmed MSc. Math 91400/-
Sonia Maqsood Maqsood Ahmad MSc. Math 91400/-
Aqeela Basheer Bashir Ahmad MSc. Math 115400/- Boarder
Zoya Maqsood Maqsood Butt MSc. Math 91400/-
Waseem Akhtar Irshad Ali MSc. Math 91400/-
Mahnoor Khan Muhammad Irfan Khanzada MSc. Math 91400/-
Muhammad Zakria Javed Javed Ahmad MSc. Math 91400/-
Sonia Iram Muhammad Pervez MSc. Math 91400/-
Farhan Ahmad Muhammad Sharif MSc. Math 91400/-
Salomi Allah Ditta Allah Ditta Maseeh MSc. Math 91400/-
Hassina Perveen Muhammad Ramzan MSc. Math 91400/-
Vaniza Anjum Muhammad Mushtaq Anjum MSc. Math 91400/-
Shahida Sarwar Muhammad Sarwar MSc. Math 91400/-
Nadeem Anwar Muhammad Anwar MSc. Math 91400/-
Zeeshan Majeed Abdul Majeed MSc. Math 91400/-
Samreen Bukhari Sayyed Muhammad Yousaf Ali MSc. Math 91400/-
Muhammad Hammad Iqbal Muhammad Iqbal MSc. Math 91400/-
Muhammad Farooq Dilpazir MSc. Math 91400/-
Hizba Arshad Muhammad Arshad MSc. Math 91400/-
Ammara Anwaar Anwaar Ul Haq MSc. Math 115400/- Boarder
Muhammad Akif Muhammad Bakhsh MSc. Math 91400/-
Afshan Liaqat Liaqat Ali MSc. Math 91400/-
Sadia Shabbir Muhammad Shabbir MSc. Math 91400/-
Muhammad Sohail Nazar Nazar Hussain MSc. Math 91400/-
Nisar Fatima Muhammad Saeed MSc. Math 91400/-
Muhammad Sarfraz Muhammad Anees MSc. Math 91400/-
Muhammad Shakeel Muhammad Amin MSc. Math 91400/-
Shahid Mehmood Ilahi Bakhsh MSc. Math 91400/-
Ali Haider Malik Nasir Abbas MSc. Math 91400/-
Nasim Munawar Munawar Hussain MSc. Math 91400/-
Saba Noreen Shoukat Ali MSc. Math 91400/-
Sohail Imran Bahadur A li MSc. Math 91400/-
Raheel Abdullah Muhamma d Hanif MSc. Math 91400/-
Muhammad Uzair Athar Muhammad Athar MSc. Math 91400/-
Wajid Ali Anwer Ali MSc. Math 91400/-
Nabi Bukhsh Muhammad Bukhsh MSc. Math 91400/-
Noreena Kanwal Abdul Razzaq MSc. Math 91400/-
Sadia Allah Bakhsh MSc. Math 91400/-
Muhammad Waseem Iqbal Falak Sher MSc. Math 91400/-
Sobia Batool Khuda Bakhsh MSc. Math 91400/-
Ravia Akhtar Akhtar A li MSc. Math 91400/-
Kaynat Sehar Rashid Ahmed MSc. Math 91400/-
Ushna Ayub Muhammad Ayub MSc. Math 91400/-
Aqsa Liaqat Liaqat Ali MSc. Math 91400/-
Mudassar Sohail Allah Ditta Khan MSc. Math 91400/-
Ayesha Tariq Tariq Mehmood M.Phil Math 132080/-
Sana Khadim Khadim Hussain M.Phil Math 132080/-
Fazila Rauf Abdul Rauf M.Phil Math 132080/-
Maria Shamim Falak Sher M.Phil Math 132080/-
Rana Muhammad Asim Khan Rana Din Javid M.Phil Math 132080/-
Roahee Bano Muhammad Abbas M.Phil Math 132080/-
Muhammad Safdar Shoukat Ali M.Phil Math 132080/-
Muhammad Wasim Shahid Muhammad Aslam Shahid M.Phil Math 132080/-
Muhammad Muddasar Shabbir Muhammad Shabbir M.Phil Math 132080/-
Sonia Siddique Muhammad  Siddique M.Phil Math 132080/-
Fatima Amat Ur Rehman Abdul Rehman M.Phil Math 132080/-
Shumaila Ashraf Muhammad Ashraf MSc. Zoology 71400/-
Samra Shaheen Muhammad Abbas MSc. Zoology 71400/-
Shamim Iqbal Muhammad Iqbal MSc. Zoology 71400/-
Fariha Noreen Siddique Ahmed MSc. Zoology 71400/-
Sehrish Fatima Muhammad Kazim Shah MSc. Zoology 71400/-
Mujahid Rasheed Rasheed Ahmad MSc. Zoology 71400/-
Razia Noor Noor Muhammad MSc. Zoology 95400/- Boarder
Rahila Kousar Abdul Khaliq MSc. Zoology 71400/-
Komal Mahmood Mahmood Ul Hassan MSc. Zoology/- 71400/-
Zunaira  Ashraf Muhammad Ashraf MSc. Zoology 95400/- Boarder
Farha Munir Munir Ahmad MSc. Zoology 71400/-
Tahira Jameel Muhammad Jameel MSc. Zoology 71400/-
Abid Ghafoor Abdul Ghafoor MSc. Zoology 71400/-
Muhammad Toseef Ashiq Hussain MSc. Physics 71400/-
Arooj Fatima Muhammad Hanif MSc. Zoology 95400/- Boarder
Hina Zafar Zafar Iqbal MSc. Zoology 71400/-
Aqsa Noreen Ali Muhammad MSc. Zoology 95400/- Boarder
Anza Nisar Nisar Ahmad MSc. Zoology 91400/-
Fiaz Hussain Faqeer Muhammad MSc. Zoology 91400/-
Zumra Andleeb Muhammad Afzal MSc. Zoology 91400/-
Haseeba Ajmal Muhammad Ajmal MSc. Zoology 115400/- Boarder
Rafia Iqbal Muhammad Iqbal MSc. Zoology 91400/-
Umar Farooq Bashir Ahmad MSc. Zoology 91400/-
Nageen Fatima Abdul Rasheed MSc. Zoology 91400/-
Irum Sajid Sajid Ahmad MSc. Zoology 115400/- Boarder
Anam Shehzadi Zahid Muhammad MSc. Zoology 115400/- Boarder
Khalid Rizwan Rafiq Ul Hassan MSc. Zoology 91400/-
Nawashtay Rehman Ashiq Masih MSc. Zoology 91400/-
Shimron Ahsan Kanwal Ahasn MSc. Zoology 91400/-
Saima Perveen Muhammad Arshad MSc. Zoology 91400/-
Muhammad Afnan H. Muhammad Sharfi MSc. Zoology 91400/-
Muhammad Asif Aziz Aziz Ahmad MSc. Zoology 91400/-
Saddam Hussain Bagh Ali MSc. Zoology 91400/-
Mudassir Hassan Muhammad Khalid MSc. Zoology 91400/-
Saima Abdul Rehman Abdul Rehman MSc. Zoology 115400/- Boarder
Hamid Ali Safdar Ali MSc. Zoology 91400/-
Muhammad Qasim Muhammad Ashraf MSc. Zoology 91400/-
Sajid Afzal Muhammad Afzal MSc. Zoology 91400/-
Tehseen Hameed Hameed Ali M.Phil Zoology 132080/-
H. Alina Hafeez Hafeez Ur Rehman M.Phil Zoology 132080/-
Alisha Zulfiqar M.Phil Zoology 132080/-
Muhammad Adnan Khalid Muhammad Khalid M.Phil Zoology 132080/-
Muhammad Imran Muhammad Hanif M.Phil Zoology 132080/-
Urooj Shabir Shabir Ahmed M.Phil Zoology 132080/-
Iqra Sarfraz Sarfraz Ahmed M.Phil Zoology 156080/- Boarder
Fareeha Shabbier Ghulam Shabbier M.Phil Zoology 132080/-
Hina Nawaz Muhammad Nawaz MSc. Botany 95400/- Boarder
Ghazala Shafiq Shafiq Ahmad MSc. Botany 95400/- Boarder
Nadia Saleem Muhammad Saleem MSc. Botany 71400/-
Tayyaba Sharif Muhammad Sharif MSc. Botany 95400/- Boarder
Abdul Karim Manzoor Hussain MSc. Botany 71400/-
Robina Muneer Muhammad Muneer MSc. Botany 95400/- Boarder
Tahira Kainat Muhammad Amjad Rasheed MSc. Botany 95400/- Boarder
Lubna Rasheed Rasheed Ahmad MSc. Botany 71400/-
Shahreen Maham Muhammad Akram MSc. Botany 71400/-
Noshaba Shaheen Manzoor Hussain MSc. Botany 71400/-
Rehana Noureen Muhammad Ramzan MSc. Botany 71400/-
Yusra Rashid Abdul Rashid MSc. Botany 71400/-
Fariha Khan Nasrullah Khan MSc. Botany 71400/-
Fasiha Riaz Muhammad Riaz MSc. Botany 71400/-
Sundas Kanwal Ghulam Rasool MSc. Botany 71400/-
Mubarra Amjad Muhammad Amjad MSc. Botany 71400/-
Attia Sattar Abdul Sattar MSc. Botany 71400/-
Hasnain Ishaq Muhammad Ishaq M.Phil Botany 132080/-
Ghazala Hanif Muhammad Hanif M.Phil Botany 132080/-
Irsa Maqbool Maqbool Anjum M.Phil Botany 132080/-
Mubshera Khalid Khalid Mehmood M.Phil Botany 132080/-
Wassim Akram Ghulam Mustafa M.Phil Botany 132080/-
Sidra Afzal Muhammad Afzal M.Phil Botany 156080/- Boarder
Shahzadi Faiza Liaqat Liaqat Ali M.Phil Botany 132080/-
Muhammad Atif Shahfique Muhammad Shafique M.Phil Botany 132080/-
Atif Ayub Muhammad Ayub M.Phil Botany 132080/-
Rehan Ahmad Kasana Shabbir Ahmad Kasana M.Phil Botany 132080/-
Arslan Jamil Muhammad Jamil M.Phil Microbiology 132080/-
Adeel Hasnain Muhammad Hussain M.Phil Microbiology 132080/-
Afza Kanwal Mehmood Ur Rehman M.Phil Microbiology 132080/-
Rameez Anjum Muhammad Rafiq M.Phil Environmental 132080/-
Muhammad Umair Waris Waris Ali M.Phil Environmental 132080/-
Muhammad Waqas Iqbal Muhammad Iqbal M.Phil Environmental 132080/-
H. Muhammad Yousaf Haroon Muhammad Akram M.Phil Environmental 132080/-
Mutahar Iqbal Shafqat Ali Iqbal M.Phil Environmental 132080/-
Sumaira Malik Ishfaq Ahmad M.Phil Environmental


Afzal Ahmed Israr Ahemd M.Phil Environmental 132080/-
Liaqat Ali Ghulam Sarwar M.Phil Environmental 132080/-
Muhammad Sohail Sattar Abdul Sattar M.Phil Environmental 132080/-
Gohar Ayoub Muhammad Ayoub M.Phil Environmental 132080/-
Muhammad Abdullah Ghalib Noor Muhammad M.Phil Environmental 132080/-
Sheraz Liaqat Liaqat Ali M.Phil Environmental 132080/-
Ayesha Umar Muhammad Umar Khalid M.Phil Pharmacy 132080/-
Talha Rasool Ghulam Rasool M.Phil Pharmacy 132080/-
Anum Parveen Zafar Iqbal M.Phil Pharmacy 156080/- Boarder
Hasiba Afzal Muhammad Afzal M.Phil Pharmacy 132080/-
Jawaria Asif Asif Saeed M.Phil Pharmacy 132080/-
Mamoona Zafar Zafar Iqbal M.Phil Pharmacy 156080/- Boarder
Ayesha Latif Muhammad Latif M.Phil Pharmacy 132080/-
Saba Kousar Abdul Ghafoor Khan M.Phil Pharmacy 132080/-
H. Arslan Shagufta Ch. Faqir Muhammad M.Phil Pharmacy 132080/-
Sift Bokhari Mushtaq Hussain M.Phil Pharmacy 156080/- Boarder
Faiqa Zulfiqar Zufiqar Ali M.Phil Pharmacy 132080/-
Sadaf Munir Muhammad Munir Ahmad MS Food Science 132080/-
Waseem Khalid Khalid Saifullah MS Food Science 132080/-
Tanveer Abbas Muhammad Saeed MS Food Science 132080/-
Muhammad Shuaib Shakeel Muhammad Shakeel MS Food Science 132080/-
Samia Zahid Muhammad Zahid MS Food Science 132080/-
Muhammad Zeshan Muhammad Iqbal MS Food Science 132080/-
Arif Hussain Dilbar Hussain MS Food Science 132080/-
H. Madiha Jaffar Muhammad Jaffar Hussain MS Food Science 132080/-
Asma Draz Umar Draz MS Food Science 132080/-
Sadaf Bashir Ahmed Bashir Ahmed MS Food Science 132080/-
Hassan Mazher Mazher Ilahi MS Food Science


Muhammad Awais Saleem Muhammad Saleem Haider MS Food Science 132080/-
Muhammad Naveed Asif Muhammad Arshad Asif MS Food Science 132080/-
Muhammad Sufyan Muhammad Azam MS Food Science 132080/-
Majida Umar Nasib Nisar Ahmed MS Food Science 132080/-
Adeel Nauman Muhammad Aslam MS Food Science 132080/-
Bushra Saleem Muhamma Saleem MS Food Science 132080/-
Sannia Khan Muhammad Amin MS Food Science 132080/-
Kashan Ali Rasheed Ahmad MS Food Science 132080/-
Furakh Adeem Afzal Rana Muhammad Afzal Khan MS Food Science 132080/-
Ahsan Javed Muhammad Sarwar MS Food Science 132080/-
Samina Noureen Aisf Hussain MS Food Science 132080/-
Iqra Riaz Muhammad Riaz MS Food Science 132080/-
Sheraz Ali Zulfiqar Ali Chaudhary MS Food Science 132080/-
Shazia Hanif Muhammad Hanif MS Food Science 132080/-
Natasha Idrees Idrees Ahmad Bajwa MS Food Science 132080/-
Muhammad Saad Hassan Maqbool Ahmad Bhatti MS Food Science 132080/-
Awais Ahmad Ali Ahmad MS Food Science 132080/-
Shabbir Hussain Ahmad Ali MS Food Science 132080/-
Ahmad Rafique Muhammad Rafique MS Food Science 132080/-
Syed Muneeb ul Hussnain Gilani Syed Asif Hussain Gilani MS Food Science 132080/-
Muhammad Aqib Saeed Muhammad Saeed MS Food Science 132080/-
Iram Shahid Muhammad Shahid Saddique MSc. Bioinformatics 71400/-
Imrana Jamil Muhammad Jamil MSc. Bioinformatics 95400/- Boarder
Huma Mushtaq Mushtaq Ahmad Qayyum MSc. Bioinformatics 71400/-
Fahid Siraj Siraj Din MSc. Bioinformatics 71400/-
Zawar Danish Ghulam Rasool MSc. Bioinformatics 71400/-
Kinza Rani Muhammad Akram MSc. Bioinformatics 95400/- Boarder
Tehmina Yasmeen Bashir Ahmed MS Bioinformatics 115400/- Boarder
Hafsa Razzaq Abdur Razzaq MS Bioinformatics 91400/-
Zeeshan Shahzad Nelson MS Bioinformatics 91400/-
Awais Maqsood Maqsood Ali MS Bioinformatics 91400/-
Muhammad Nisar Mughal Iftikhar Hussain MS Bioinformatics 91400/-
Khush Bakhat Alia Saeed Ahmad MS Bioinformatics 91400/-
Ujala Afzal Muhammad Afzal MS Bioinformatics 91400/-
Farwa Basit Basit Aziz MS Bioinformatics 91400/-
Muhammad Mujahid Shahzad Muhammad Mukhtar MS Bioinformatics 91400/-
Aqsa Mushtaq Mushtaq Ahmad MS Bioinformatics 91400/-
Merium Chaman Chaman Masih MS Bioinformatics 91400/-
Amna Aslam Muhammad Aslam MS Bioinformatics 91400/-
Anam Ijaz Ijaz Ahmed MS Bioinformatics 91400/-
Atta U Rehman Muhammad Arshad MS Bioinformatics 91400/-
Muhammad Arshad Muhammad Ismail MS Bioinformatics 91400/-
Muhammad Usman Ghulam Hussain MSc. Computer Science 131200/-
Abdul Malik Sheikh Fayyaz Ahmed MSc. Computer Science 131200/-
Muhammad Shahzaib Kokub Manzoor Ahmed Kokub MSc. Computer Science 131200/-
Muhammad Ahmed Younis Muhammad Younis MSc. Computer Science 131200/-
Sania Kousar Muhammad Boota MSc. Computer Science 131200/-
Rubina Ali Ahmd Ali Ahmad MSc. Computer Science 131200/-
Aqsa Shakeel Shakeel Ahmad MSc. Computer Science 131200/-
Zonera Saleem Muhammad Saleem MSc. Computer Science


Sadia Safdar Safdar Mehmood MSc. Computer Science 131200/-
Ali Raza Zahid Hussain MSc. Computer Science 131200/-
Zahid Abbas Ghulam Abbas Malik MSc. Computer Science 131200/-
Madiha Shaukat Shaukat Ali MSc. Computer Science 131200/-
Aftab Hussain Syed Manzoor Hussain MSc. Computer Science 131200/-
Momina Kashif Kashif Hanif MSc. Computer Science 131200/-
Asad Riaz Riaz Ahmad MSc. Computer Science 131200/-
Zaria Sikander Falak Sher Sikander MSc. Computer Science 131200/-
Khadija Liaqat Liaqat Ali MSc. Computer Science 131200/-
Shahzaib Qaiser Qaiser Majeed MSc. Computer Science 131200/-
Tehreem Ashfaq Muhammad Ashfaq MSc. Computer Science 131200/-
Muhammad Shakeel Abdul Majid MSc. Computer Science 131200/-
Muhammad Aakash Malik Abdul Khaliq MSc. Computer Science 131200/-
H. Usman Bashir Muhammad Bashir MSc. Computer Science 131200/-
Aqsa Yaqub Muhammad Yaqub MSc. Computer Science 131200/-
Adeel Shahzad Khalil Ahmad MSc. Computer Science 131200/-
Muhammad Mohsin Saleem Saleem Javed MSc. Computer Science 131200/-
Tooba Aslam Muhammad Aslam MSc. Computar Science 151200/-
Kashif Rasheed Abdul Rasheed MSc. Computar Science 151200/-
Iram Hassan Ashfaq Ahmad MSc. Computar Science 151200/-
Hina Noreen Abdul Sattar MSc. Computar Science 151200/-
Erum Shahzadi Abdul Sattar MSc. Computar Science 151200/-
Muhammad Usman Ali Rustam Ali MSc. Computar Science 151200/-
Muhammad Haris Irshad Ahmad MSc. Computar Science 151200/-
Khubaib Shahid Shahid Jameel MSc. Computar Science 151200/-
Ayesha Shahid Shahid Farooq MS Software Engineering


Nasir Amin Muhammad Amin MS Software Engineering 154560/-
Shamsa Javaid Javaid Aslam MS Computer Science 154560/-
Waheed Raza Maqsood Ahmad MS Computer Science 154560/-
Muhammad Umair Shafiq Muhammad Shafiq Ahamd MS Computer Science 154560/-
H. Muhammad Rashid Muhammad Arshad MS Computer Science 154560/-
Fariha Bashir Bashir Ahmad MSc. Statistics 95400/- Boarder
Aiman Sattar Abdul Sattar MSc. Statistics 71400/-
Umair Raza Nazar Muhammad MSc. Statistics 71400/-
Muhammad Usman Ghlam Hussain MSc. Statistics 71400/-
Muhammad Zeshan Anwar Muhammad Anwar MSc. Statistics 71400/-
Sania Azmat Haji Azmat Ali MSc. Statistics 71400/-
Kalsoom Zohra Muhammad Ahsraf Msc. Geography 71400/-
Amna Sarfraz Muhammad Sarfraz Msc. Geography 71400/-
Saba Shoukat Shoukat Ali Msc. Geography 71400/-
Munazza Saddique Muhammad Saddique Msc. Geography 95400/-
Humaira Yehaya Muhammad Yehaya Msc. Geography 71400/-
Asma Majeed Abdul Majeed Msc. Geography 71400/-
Sana Mirza Muhammad Afzal Mirza Msc. Geography 71400/-
Abusufyan Shah Muhammad Iqbal Shah Msc. Geography 71400/-
Farkhanda Sarwar Muhammad Sarwar M.Phil Microbiology 132080/-
Muhammad Ramzan Qadir Bakhsh MSc. Computer Science 131200/-
Umar Hayyat Muhammad Mansha MS Food Science 132080/-
Sadia Abdullah Muhammad Abdullah MSc. Computer Science 131200/-
Reeja Bashir Syed Bashir Ahmad MS Food Science 132080/-
Qurat Ul An Aini Muhammad Afzal M.Phil Environmental 132080/-
Arooj Fatima Riaz Hussain Athar MSc. Chemistry 71400/-
Salah U Din Muhammadan MSc. Physics 91400/-
Kainat Ayoub Muhammad Ayub MSc. Math 91400/-
Attiqa Fida Hussain MSc Psychology 68760/-
Zahid Rasheed Muhammad Rasheed MSc Psychology


Aysha Aslam M. Aslam Zafar MSc Psychology 68760/-
Nida Mushtaq Mushtaq Ahmad MSc Psychology 68760/-
Samia Naz Nasir Hussain Asim MSc Psychology 92760/- Boarder
Mariam Ghaffar Abdul Ghaffar MSc Psychology 68760/-
Mariam Umar Muhammad Umar MSc Psychology 68760/-
Sana Abdul Sattar Abdul Sattar MSc Psychology 68760/-
Uzma Ahmad Muhammad Ahmad MSc Psychology 68760/-
Aiman Saeed Muhammad Saeed MSc Psychology 68760/-
Sundas Naveed Naveed Ahmad MSc Psychology 68760/-
Irma Ansari Tasneem Akhtar MSc Psychology 68760/-
Aqsa Shahzadi Muhamamd Arshad MSc Psychology 68760/-
Haroon Hamza Ameer Hamza MSc Psychology 68760/-
Nida Ramzan Muhammad Ramzan MSc Psychology 68760/-
Iqra Shahzadi Muhammad Irshad MSc Psychology 68760/-
Rozian Zainab M. Iftikhar Ali MSc Psychology 68760/-
Mahnoor Fatima Sajjad Ali MSc Psychology 68760/-
Sabeela Qamar Zaman Qamar Ul Zaman MSc Psychology 68760/-
Zeba Ali Muhammad Ali MSc Psychology 68760/-
Mavra Hafeez Abdul Hafeez Anwar MSc Psychology 68760/-
Maryam Shahzadi Muhammad Hanif MSc Psychology 68760/-
Sidra Javed Javed Iqbal MSc Psychology 68760/-
Kainat Wajid Wajid Ali MSc Psychology 92760/- Boarder
Sehrish Jabeen Asghar Ali MSc Psychology 92760/- Boarder
Kashaf Raffique Muhammad Raffique MSc Psychology 68760/-
Wajeeha Andleeb Muhammad Abo Nasar MSc Psychology 92760/- Boarder
Fiza Amin Muhammad Amin MSc Psychology 68760/-
Shahneel Sehar Jaan Muhammad MSc Psychology 68760/-
Iqra Shoukat Shoukat Ali MSc Psychology 88760/-
Sana Muneer Muhammad Muneer MSc Psychology 68760/-
Rida Akram Muhammad Akram MSc Psychology 68760/-
Sunbal Sharif Muhammad Sharif MSc Psychology 68760/-
Aqsa Sajjad Sajjad Ahmad MSc Psychology 68760/-
Ayesha Siddiqa Muhammad Akram MSc Psychology 68760/-
Ryesa Qaisar Qaisar Bilal MSc Psychology 68760/-
Maham Sadaqat Sadaqat Ali MSc Psychology 88760/-
Nida Gulshan Abdul Razzaq MSc Psychology 88760/-
Mehrunnisa Muhammad Afzal MSc Psychology 88760/-
Rabea Abdul Razzaq MSc Psychology 88760/-
Kaynat Ashfaq Ashfaq Hussain MSc Psychology 88760/-
Saira Sadia Ghulam Hussain MSc Psychology 88760/-
Tehmina Kousar Muhammad Rasheed MSc Psychology 88760/-
Naseem Akhtar Naseer Ahmad MSc Psychology 68760/-
Minahil Athar Muhammad Athar MS Clinical Psychology


Hafiza Saira Akbar Muhammad Akbar MS Clinical Psychology


Sunbal Shabbir Ghulam Shabbir MS Clinical Psychology 121080/-
Aneela Nazir Nazir Ahmad MS Clinical Psychology 121080/-
Hafeez Haider Muhmmad Saleem MS Clinical Psychology 121080/-
Samavia Hussain Muhammad Hussain MS Clinical Psychology 121080/-
Shahid Abbas Ghulam Sarwar M.Com 123570/-
Khuram Shahzad Muhammad Islam M.Com 143570/-
Uzma Shahzadi Muhammad Khalid M.Com 123570/-
Abdullah Ashraf Muhammad Ashraf M.Com 123570/-
Muhammad Nadeem Riaz Muhammad Riaz Shahid M.Com 123570/-
Ghullam Ghazi Ghulam Raza 123570/-
Anbar Abbas Kefayat Hussain 123570/-
Madiha Kousar Muhammad Ilyas 123570/-
Sana Akram Muhammad Akram 123570/-
Khadija Malik Ajaz Hussain M.Phil Commerce 151680/-
Ansa Abdul Rehman Ali M.Phil Commerce 151680/-
Ali Pervaiz Pervaiz Saeed M.Phil Commerce 151680/-
Shabana Kiran Khalil Ahmad MSc Economics 68760/-
Farah Ahmad Ghouri Mukhtar Ahmad Ghouri MSc Economics 68760/-
Amina Khalid Muhammad Khalid MSc Economics 68760/-
Muhammad Waseem Shahid Muhammad Sharif MSc Economics 68760/-
Sabahat Riaz Riaz Ahmad M.Phil Economics 156920/- Boarder
Amina Abdullah Muhammad Abdullah M.Phil Economics 132920/-
Ahmed Fawad Sardar Ahmed M.Phil Economics 132920/-
Muhammad Zeeshan  Ashraf Muhammad Ashraf M.Phil Economics 132920/-
Ali Hassan Ghulam Rasool M.Phil Economics 132920/-
Muhammad Hamza Muhammad Ashraf M.Phil Economics 132920/-
Huma Kalsoom Muhammad Shabbir M.A Mass Com 68760/-
Awais Aslam Muhammad Aslam M.A Mass Com 68760/-
Iqra Munir Muhammad Munir M.A Mass Com 68760/-
Rozina Khalid Muhammad Javed M.A Mass Com 68760/-
Zeeshan Ali Farzand Ali M.A Mass Com 68760/-
M. Sanwal Bilal Khan Habib Ullah Khan M.A Mass Com 68760/-
Areesha Arif Muhammad Arif M.A Mass Com 68760/-
Najam Ul Huda Zulfiqar Ali Niazi M.A Mass Com 68760/-
Zeenat Sarfraz Sarfraz Ali M.A Mass Com 68760/-
Waseem Ahmad Muhammad Iqbal M.Phil Physiology 121080/-
Sumaira Parveen Muhammad Safdar Hussain M.Phil Physiology 121080/-
Aroona Razzaq Muhammad Razzaq M.Phil Physiology 121080/-
Iqra Qamar M. Riaz Qamar M.Phil Physiology 145080/- Boarder
Benish Nazar Nazar Hussain MSc Sociology 68760/-
Ihteasham Bashir Muhammad Bashir MSc. Sociology 68760/-
Shakeel Haider Zawar Hussain MSc Sociology 88760/-
Muhammad Zuhaib Ali Muhammad Rafique MSc Criminology 88760/-
Saba Rasheed Abdul Rasheed M.Phil Sociology 121080/-
Iram Batool Muhammad Sharif M.Phil Sociology 121080/-
Rukhsana Ishaq Ishaq Maseeh M.Phil Sociology 121080/-
Shahzad Qamar M. Zafar Iqbal M.Phil Sociology 121080/-
Iqra Maqbool Maqbool Ahmad M.Phil Sociology 121080/-
Naheed Akhtar Jamat Ali MSc. Physical Education 68760/-
Shah Nawaz Amanat Ali MSc. Physical Education 68760/-
Sobia Akram Muhammad Akram MSc. Physical Education 68760/-
M. Tayyab Iqbal Muhammad Iqbal MSc. Physical Education 68760/-
Sania Arshad Ghulam Muhammad MSc. Physical Education 68760/-
Sunbal Sttara Muhammad Afzal MSc. Physical Education 68760/-
Irum Arshad Muhamma Arshad MSc. Physical Education 68760/-
Hina Sarwar Muhammad Sarwar MSc. Physical Education 68760/-
Mehwish Manzoor Manzoor Ahmad MSc. Physical Education 68760/-
Amna Ashiq Ashiq Ali MSc. Physical Education 68760/-
Maria Falik Sher MSc. Physical Education 68760/-
Hina Afzal Muhammad Afzal MSc. Physical Education 68760/-
Amina Nadeem Nadeem Sarwar MSc. Physical Education 68760/-
Nazia Nazir Nazir Ahmad MSc. Physical Education 68760/-
Muhammad Ramzan Afzal Hussain MSc. Physical Education 68760/-
Shkeela Parveen Liaqat Ali MSc. Physical Education


Muddassar Muhammad Yaseen MSc. Physical Education 68760/-
Sania Parveen Muhammad Boota MSc. Physical Education 68760/-
Sadia Yaqoob Muhammad Yaqoob MSc. Physical Education 68760/-
Rimsha Naeem Muhammad Naeem MSc. Physical Education 68760/-
Aqasha Amjad Amjad MSc. Physical Education 68760/-
Iqra Khalid Muhammad Khalid MSc. Physical Education 68760/-
Ayesha Rafique Muhammad Rafique MSc. Physical Education 68760/-
Huma Arooj Liaqat Mahmood Anwar MSc. Physical Education 68760/-
H. Iqra Nasir Nasir Mahmood MSc. Physical Education 68760/-
Nida Hameed Abd Ul Hameed MSc. Physical Education 68760/-
Khadija Sahar Munir Ahmad MSc. Physical Education 68760/-
Saher Naz Ghulam Muhammad MSc. Physical Education 68760/-
Iram Batool Irshad Ali M.A Political Science 68760/-
Waqar Ul Hassan Azhar Hussain M.A Political Science 68760/-
Annam Masood Khalid Masood M.A Political Science 68760/-
Muhammad Bilal Afzal Muhammad Afzal M.A Political Science 68760/-
Shakeel Ahmad Muhammad Ramzan M.A Political Science 68760/-
Nadia Aslam Muhammad Aslam M.A Political Science 68760/-
Sadia Shabir Muhammad Shabir M.A Political Science 68760/-
Muhammad Tanvir Rashid Ahmed M.A Political Science 68760/-
Muhammad Arslan Nazim Khan M.A Political Science 68760/-
Muhammad Imran Skindar M.A Political Science 68760/-
Rimsha Samar Muhammad Rafique M.A Political Science 68760/-
Shakeel Ahmad Muhammad Razmzan M.A Political Science 68760/-
Shaiza Rasheed Muhammad Rasheed M.Phil Political Science


Tanzila Shahzadi Muhammad Iqbal M.Phil Political Science 121080/-
Ejaz Ahmed Allah Bux M.A History 68760/-
Muhammad Imran Abdul Sattar M.A History 68760/-
Ali Raza Hashmi Safdar Hussain M.A History 68760/-
Muzdalfa Arshad Muhammad Arshad M.A Punjabi 88760/-
Ayesha Yaseen Muhammad Yaseen M.A Education 68760/-
Rozeena Irshad Rana Irshad Khan M.A Education 68760/-
Nadia Hussain Ghulam Hussain M.A Education 68760/-
Sameen Saeed Muhammad Saeed M.A Education 68760/-
Iram Feroz Malik Feroz M.A Education 68760/-
Najaf Mehmood Syed Mehmood Ul Hussain M.A Education 68760/-
Nimra Arshad Khawaja Muhammad Arshad M.A Education 68760/-
Noreen Liaqat Ali Liaqat Ali M.A Education 68760/-
Iqra Habib Habib Ur Rahman M.A Education 68760/-
Abdul Salam Habeeb Hafiz Ahmed M.A Education 68760/-
Syeda Nusrat Fatima Syed Sadiq Shah Kazmi M.A Education 68760/-
Sumaira Raffique M. Ijaz Raffique M.A Education 68760/-
Sayyeda Naila Jabeen Sayyed Amjad Ali Shah M.Phil Education 121080/-
Abdul Hannan Anwar Ali Khan M.Phil Education 121080/-
Amna Zafar Zafar Iqbal M.Phil Education 121080/-
Maria Tariq Muhammad Tariq M.Phil Education 121080/-
Qamar Un Nisa Amanat Ali M.A English 68760/-
Muhammad Tahir Anjum Abdul Ghafoor M.A English 68760/-
Ruqaya Anjum Ghulam Mustafal Hassan M.A English 68760/-
Afraz Mehmood Mehmood Ahmad M.A English 68760/-
Ana Fatima Mushtaq Ahmad M.A English 68760/-
Muhammad Bilal Asghar Ali M.A English 68760/-
Unsa Shabbir Mian Muhammad Shabbir M.A English 68760/-
Aqsa Iftikhar Iftikhar Ahmad M.A English 68760/-
Saba Saeed Saeed Ahmad M.A English 68760/-
Muhammad Bilal Muhammad Mansha M.A English 68760/-
Binish Shahzadi Jafar A li M.A English 68760/-
Huma Bukhari Syed Muzaffar Hussain Shah Bukhari M.A English 68760/-
Aalia Abbas Muhammad Abbas M.A English 68760/-
Habiba Rana Haji Anwar Ul Haq M.A English 68760/-
Bakhtawar Mujtaba Ghulam Mujtaba M.A English 68760/-
Safia Bibi Taj Muhammad M.A English 68760/-
Fazeela Shaukat Ali Shaukat Ali M.A English 68760/-
Mariam Akram Muhammad Akram M.A English 68760/-
Ambreen Afzal Muhammad Afzal M.A English 68760/-
Maria Parveen Abdul Sattar M.A English 68760/-
Samra Perveen Muhammad Yaqoob M.A English 68760/-
Sajida Parveen Abdul Hameed M.A English 68760/-
Tahreem Atta Ur Rehman M.A English 68760/-
Kiran Hussain Muhammad Hussain Qazi M.A English 68760/-
Muhammad Osamah Ashiq Hussain M.A English 68760/-
Akhlaq Ahmad Muhammad Ramzan Tahir M.A English 68760/-
Amna Aziz Abdul Aziz Shakir M.A English 68760/-
Rana Iftikhar Iftikhar Ahmad M.A English 68760/-
Sidra Zahid Muhammad Zahid Shah M.A English 68760/-
Shama Noreen Shoukat Ali M.A English 68760/-
Aamara Rasheed Rasheed Ahmad M.A English 68760/-
Waqar Hasnain Sardar Muhammad Tariq M.A English 68760/-
Mahreen Fatima Mumtaz Ali Malik M.A English 68760/-
Anam Naseer Naseer Ahmed M.A English 68760/-
Ume-Habiba Asghar Ali M.A English 68760/-
Zenab Aqeel Hafaz Muhammad Aqeel Ahmed M.A English 92760/- Boarder
Naveed Ahmad Muhammad Rafique M.A English 68760/-
Sumbal Hanif Muhammad Hanif M.A English 68760/-
Sana Shehzadi Muhammad Aslam M.A English 68760/-
Huma Arif Muhammad Arif M.A English 68760/-
Aqsa Ashraf Muhammad Ashraf M.A English 68760/-
Saif Ullah Ghulam Sarwar M.A English 68760/-
Amna Aslam Muhammad Aslam M.A English 68760/-
Mehwish Rehman Abdul Rehman M.A English 68760/-
Hamza Jaffar Jaffar Ali M.A English 68760/-
Umar Shafiq Shafiq Ahmed M.A English 68760/-
Saher Mushtaq Mushtaq Ahmad M.A English 68760/-
Aqsa Noreen Allah  Dita M.A English 68760/-
Hafiza Namra Tariq Mian Tariq Mahmood M.A English 88760/-
Sahar Siraj Siraj Din M.A English 88760/-
Anmol Khan Muhammad NaseemKhan M.A English 88760/-
Iqra Zulfiqar Zulfiqar Ahmad M.A English 88760/-
Umber Shehzadi Muhammad Ijaz M.A English 88760/-
Muhammad Farhan Ali Ahmad M.A English 68760/-
Sana Muhammad Anwar M.A English 88760/-
Aster Walayat M.A English 88670/-
Amna Mehboob Mehboob Ahmed M.A English 88670/-
Fatima Farooq Farooq Rashid M.A English 88760/-
Asma Abdul Ghafoor M.A English 88760/-
Sajid Masih Sarfraz Masih M.A English 88760/-
Asma Shahzadi Karamat Ali M.A English 88760/-
Kashaf Ud Dujja Khalid Pervaiz Ahmad M.A English 88760/-
Rameen Asghar Asghar Ali M.A English 88760/-
Sidra Saeed Muhammad Saeed Khan M.A English 112760/- Boarder
Faisal Younas Muhammad younas M.A English 88760/-
Sohail Abbas Muhammad Tufail M.A English 88760/-
Muhammad Zeeshan Faqeer Muhammad M.A English 88670/-
Sajjad Ali Haji Liaqat Ali M.Phil English 121080/-
Afrasiab Mubasher Munawar Hussain M.Phil English 121080/-
Sidra Ibrahim Muhammad Ibrahim M.Phil English 121080/-
Amina Hamid Abdul Hamid M.Phil English 121080/-
Saba Noreen Saeed Ahmed M.Phil English 121080/-
Ayesha Saddique Muhammad Saddique M.Phil English 121080/-
Iram Shahzadi Imtiaz Iqbal M.Phil English 121080/-
Ayesha Majeed Abdul Majeed M.Phil English 121080/-
Saqlain Akhtar Sultan Akhta Master In Public Ad. 123570/-
Syed Hasnain Raza Syed Riaz Ul Hasan Master In Public Ad. 123570/-
Ayesha Iram Muhammad Sardar Master In Public Ad. 123570/-
Muhammad Ehsin Muhammad Aslam Master In Public Ad. 123570/-
M. Aqib Shabbir Muhammad Shabbir MS Public Administration 151680/-
Iqra Iqbal Mirza Muhammad Iqbal MS Public Administration 151680/-
Saad Bin Asif Asif Maqbool MS Public Administration 151680/-
Mahmood Raza Muhammad Mohsin MS Public Administration 151680/-
Rubab Anum Muhammad Akbar MS Banking & Finance 151680/-
Wahab Shakeel Shakeel  Ahmed MS Banking & Finance 151680/-
Muhammad Usman Gull Zahid Ali Khan MS Banking & Finance 151680/-
Faizan Munir Munir Ahmed MS Banking & Finance 151680/-
Anbreen Anwer Muhammad Anwer MBA B & F 132920/-
Haider Ali Manzoor Qadir MBA B & F 132920/-
Rabia Behzad Anwar Behzad MBA B & F


Nigarash Aslam Muhammad Aslam Javed MBA B & F 132920/-
Muhammad Shahzad Muhammad Adrees Malik MBA B & F 132920/-
Muhammad Wasim Muhammad Amin MBA B & F 132920/-
Sohail Shehzad Aman Ullah MBA B & F 132920/-
Muhammad Usman Parvez Parvez Iqbal MBA B & F 132920/-
Muhammad Saleem Allah Ditta MBA B & F 132920/-
Azhar Maqsood Maqsood Ahmed MBA B & F 132920/-
Nabeel Furqan Nazir Ahmad MBA B & F 132920/-
Uzair Akram Muhammad Akram MBA Business Administration 132920/-
Amtul Sabooh Qanta Iqbal Ahmad MBA Business Administration 132920/-
Muhammad Zohaib Rafique Muhammad Rafique MBA Business Administration 126120/-
Mihaj Ali Zulfiqar Ali Chaudhary MBA Business Administration 126120/-
Muhammad Asim Saleem Muhammad Saleem MBA Business Administration 126120/-
Zain Saleem Muhammad Saleem Sajid MBA Business Administration 132920-/
Mohsin Naseer Naseer Ahmad MBA Business Administration 132920/-
Sana Naseer Sheikh Naseer Ahmad MS Business Administration 151680/-
Nazma Anwer Mirza Mohammad Anwer MS Business Administration 151680/-
Usman Akram Muhammad Akram MS Business Administration 151680/-
Sohaib Ali Abdul Rashid MS Business Administration 151680/-
Mobeen Ikram Ikrkam Ilahi Butt MS Business Administration 151680/-
Aqsa Gohar Mansha Mahmood MS Business Administration 151680/-
Waqar Younas Muhammad Younas MS Business Administration 151680/-
M. Tahir Bashir Ch. Bashir Ahmad MS Business Administration 151680/-
Laraib Mushtaq Muhammad Mushtaq MS Business Administration 151680/-
Fizza Iqbal Muhammad Iqbal MS Business Administration 151680/-
Abdul Basit Muhammad Javaid MBA Business Administration 126120/-
Muhammad Bilal Khalid Khalid Mehmood MBA Business Administration 126120/-
Sh.M.Abdullah Hamid Sh. Shafiq Ur Rehman MBA Business Administration 126120/-
Jamshad Manzoor Manzoor Ahmad Shakar MBA Business Administration 126120/-
Noor Ahmad Zuhray Khan M.A Islamiat 68760/-
Mehvish Munir Munir Ahamd M.A Islamiat


Rida Akram Muhammad Akram M.A Islamiat 68760/-
H. Wazzoha Hafeez Abdul Hafeez M.A Islamiat 68760/-
Hadia Rani Muhammad Javed Iqbal M.A Islamiat 68760/-
Hina Saleem Muhammad Saleem M.A Islamiat 68760/-
Sawera Arshad Muhammad Arshad M.A Islamiat 68760/-
Samar Abbas Abbas Ali M.A Islamiat 68760/-
Sadia Munir Munir Ahmad M.A Islamiat 68760/-
Muhammad Hammad Mujtaba Ghulam Muhammad M.A Islamiat 68760/-
H. Saif Rehman Ahmad Hassan M.Phil Islamic Studies 121080/-
Aysha Siddiqua Abdul Hameed M.A Arabic 68760/-
Alia Yaqoob Muhammad Yaqoob M.A Arabic 68760/-
Aqsa Yaqoob Muhammad Yaqoob M.A Arabic 68760/-
H. Orang Zaib Ghulam Nabi M.A Arabic 68760/-
Iqra Abdul Ghaffar Abdul Ghaffar M.A Arabic 68760/-
H. Rabia Bashir Muhammad Bashir M.A Arabic 68760/-
Sadia Parveen Abdul Hameed M.A Arabic 68760/-
Sidra Naureen Jellani Fhulam Jillani M.A Arabic 68760/-
Rimsha Kanwal Abdul Raheem M.A Urdu 68760/-
Samra Tabussam Allah Ditta M.A Urdu 68760/-
Muhammad Ismail Gulzar Ahmad M.A Urdu 68760/-
Naveeda Kousar MolaBakhsh M.A Urdu 68760/-
Sajid Ali Muhammad Iqbal M.A Urdu 68760/-
Arshad Ahmad Abdul Ghafoor M.A Urdu 68760/-
Gulnaz Shafqat Shafqat Javeed M.A Urdu 68760/-
Muhammad Azm-Ul-Haq-Shah Muhammad Atta-Ul-Haq-Shah M.A Urdu 68760/-
Fateh Sher GulzarAhmad M.A Urdu 68760/-
Fatima Shahid Shahid Iqbal M.A Urdu 68760/-
H. Shahida Javed Javed Khizar M.A Urdu 68760/-
Anam Zulfiqar Zulfiqar Ali M.A Urdu 68760/-
Shafiq Ahmad Bashir Ahmad M.A Urdu 68760/-
Javeria Masoom Sufi Abdul Ghafoor M.A Urdu 68760/-
Anam Haq Nawaz Haq Nawaz M.A Urdu 92760/- Boarder
Muhammad Ramzan Muhammad Pehlwan M.A Urdu 68760/-
Aneela Saleem Saleem Naseer M.A Urdu 68760/-
Sidra Nazir Nazir Ahmad M.A Urdu 92760/- Boarder
Saba Ejaz Muhammad Ejaz M.A Urdu 68760/-
Anam Naz Muhammad Akbar M.A Urdu 92760/- Boarder
Saif Ullah Muhammad Ayoub M.A Urdu 68760/-
Nafeesa Mariam Muhammad Ajmal Latif M.A Urdu 88760/-
Ayesha Akram Muhammad Akram Javed M.Phil Urdu 121080/-
Shoaib Akhter Khurshed Ahmed M.Phil Urdu 121080/-
Alvina Haider Ghulam Haider M.Phil Urdu 121080/-
Mehwish Habib Muhammad Habib M.Phil Urdu


Umar Shahzad Rana Muhammad Yaseen M.Phil Urdu 121080/-
Rabbia Ijaz Ijaz Ahmed M.Phil Urdu


Iram Mushtaq Muhammad Mushtaq M.Phil Urdu 121080/-
Ayesha Sarwar Ghulam Sarwar M.A English


Farhat Liaqat Muhammad Liaqat MBA 156920/- Boarder
Yasir Arfat Muhammad Amin M.Phil Economics 132920/-
Bilal Hussain Aadil Hussain M.Phil Economics 132920/-