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Consequent upon the recommendations of the Institutional Scholarship Award Committee (ISAC), the Competent Authority has been pleased to award HEC Needs Based Scholarship to the students of Session 2016.

The HEC Needs Based Scholarship awardees are hereby advised to open their account in any one of N.B.P/B.O.P University Branch and provide the following attested Documents to the SFAO .

According the given schedule dates.

Sr. No Name of Faculty Schedule
1 Faculty of Arts & Social Sciences 17.08.2017 to 18.08.2017
2 Faculty of Science & Technology 21.08.2017 to 23.08.2017
3 Faculty of Pharmaceutical Sciences 24.08.2017
4 Faculty of Islamic & Oriental Learning 24.08.2017
5 Directorate of Medical Sciences 24.08.2017
6 Faculty of Engineering 25.08.2017
7 Faculty of Management & Administrative Sciences 26.08.2017
  1. Fee voucher of last two semesters
  2. One CNIC copies of Self, Father/Guardian
  3. Last semester result
  4. Scholarship Feed Back Form (Photocopier)
  5. Bonafie Certificate from Concerned department
  6. Five (05) rupees Revenue Ticket (Post office)

For further details, Please Contact  to Ms. Saima Parveen, Incharge Students’ Financial Aid office. Contact No. 041-9201301.               


  • List of Selected Students of HEC Needs Based 2016-17