Audition Call: Dramatics and Performing Arts Society

It is hereby notified that Dramatics and Performing Arts Society (DPAS) care of DSA is going to organize Auditions on 07-10-2015 at FAIZ AHMAD FAIZ HALL.  Entry for the Auditions is open to the participants from all the departments of the University. You are hereby requested to ensure the participation of your department by 05-10-2015.  Your participation can make this event a great success.

Sr Title of Posts No. of Posts
1 Drama Ambassador (New Campus) 2
2 Drama Ambassador (FITFD) 2
3 Actors (Urdu, English, Punjabi) Unlimited
4 Props Setter 6
5 Comperes (Urdu, English, Punjabi) 6
6 Web Developer 2
7 Departmental Student Advisor One Each Department
8 Back Stage Manage Team Unlimited

Posts are open to Male and Female both.

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The objective of this event is to hunt the talent and strengthen the dramatic society of University. We want students to adopt the culture of sophistication, decency and confidence by participation. In this regard, Dramatic society has been inculcating the spirit of competition among students. It infuses the love for art and literature among them.

Rules and Regulations of the Participation

Themes for Auditions

Dialogues and the Roles for auditions can be chosen from the following topics.

  1. Present Condition in Pakistan
  2. Gender Discrimination at Work Place
  3. Education System in Pakistan
  4. Terrorism and Target Killing
  5. Bribery
  6. Social and Psychological Issues in Pakistan
  7. Drug Abuse
  8. Circulating Tolerance and Harmony in Pakistan
  9. Cultural Traditions
  10. English, Urdu and Punjabi Language and its Role in our Society

Or any other topic about society and country.

Timing: A Maximum time of 10 minute is allocated for Dialogue Delivery

Curtain: No curtain drop in between auditions will be allowed.

Set: Single Set encouraged. Please note that set design will be simple and restricted to a single set for all auditions.

Language of Drama: English, Urdu and Punjabi

Note: Any material encouraging racism, violent/offensive and controversial issues will not be entertained for performances. Every Participant should display University ID card otherwise entry shall be banned.

Dialogue selections will be based on the maturity level of the performers and in keeping with the family-type audience that is usually in attendance. Dialogues should consider seriously the literary value of the Society. In addition to Dialogue considerations, use of props and the onstage actions of the actors and actresses during a performance should not reflect gratuitous or inappropriate sexual content. There will be no stage rehearsal time.

Benefit of Auditions: The successful candidates shall be given the permanent Membership of Society (under supervision of DSA).


Timing of Arrival of Participants: 9:00 AM


Nominations should be sent by 05, October 2015

After the deadline no entry will be permissible.
For Further inquiries and Form Submission feel free to contact:

Ms. Sahar Javaid
Incharge Dramatics and Performing Arts Society (DPAS)
Lecturer in English Literature

Mr. Faheem Tufail
Lecturer Art and Design FITFD

Nabeel Habib
BS English 7th

Syed M. Safeer Mehdi
BBA 5th

Download Registration Form DPAS