An International Seminar on “Water Pollution and Its Impact on Fish Quality” held on 12 September 2013 at Government College for Women Mianwali, Pakistan

This international seminar on “Water Pollution and its impact on Fish Quality” was held at the Government College for Women, Mianwali under the INSPIRE (SP-174) and SPEKE projects. Both projects are funded by the British Council and the Higher Education Commission of Pakistan and are jointly managed by the Government College University Faisalabad (GCUF) and Newcastle University, UK. The seminar started with the introduction by Miss Qurat-ul-Ain, recitation of Holy Quran by Miss Iqra Amir and Naat-i-Rasool e Maqbool (SAW) by Miss Romana Niazi. A large number of students (nearly 1000) of class First year, second year, third year, 4th year, Msc, MPhil, PhD students and faculty members of the college attended the seminar. Dr. Farhat Jabeen, Assistant Professor at the GCUF and the Pakistan coordinator for the INSPIRE & SPEKE projects, described the goals of the projects that address the impacts of water pollution on fish health and production. She stressed the need of raising awareness amongst the people so that the occurrence of water pollution can be minimized. Professor Dr. Naureen Aziz Qureshi, Dean Faculty of Science and Technology, presented her views on water pollution and its relevance to fish quality. She gave examples of freshwater pollution in different parts of the world and the ways that can be used to reduce pollution in order to enhance fish production and quality of human lives. Dr. Abdul Shakoor Chaudhry a Lecturer and the Lead INSPIRE & SPEKE partner from Newcastle University UK delivered his speech on “Water Pollution: its impact, Monitoring and Mitigation” where he described the relevance of this seminar with the objectives of these collaborative projects. He emphasized the need for the active involvement of all the stakeholders to tackle the ever increasing problem of water pollution that is affecting the health and livelihood of people and the quality of fish meat. He further stressed on the role of community including educational organizations to play their parts to mitigate the effects of water pollution on fish and human lives. Mr. Abdul Rahman (class 9), Mr. Aziz-ur-Rehman (Class 10) and Mr. Abdul Rahman (Class 10) from Govt. High School PAF Colony Mianwali also gave their presentations on different aspects of water pollution. Miss. Riffat Gillani, Principal PAEC Model College for Girls Chashma gave her supportive views about the seminar and her best wishes for the success of these projects of great significance in Mianwali and other regions of Pakistan. She also admired the efforts of the project partners, respective universities and the funding organizations for their contributions in knowledge exchange in the field of ‘water pollution and its mitigation’. Mrs. Fateh Gul, the Principal of the hosting college encouraged the staff and students for their active role to tackle water pollution for the betterment of all concerned. The seminar ended with the appreciation remarks and certificate distribution by Prof. Dr. Naureen Aziz Qureshi, Dr Abdul Shakoor Chaudhry and Dr. Farhat Jabeen to the main presenters of this college.  Government College University Faisalabad and Newcastle University Team also visited the study sites in Mianwali, Chashma and Kalabagh and held meetings with the stake holders.