Allama Iqbal International Conference Concluding Session

Pakistan can emerge as one of the strongest countries of the globe with adopting a model of Islamic state presented by Allma Iqbal focusing on brotherhood, equal distribution of resources and freedom of expression, said former Punjab Governor Khalid Maqbool.

Addressing concluding session of Allama Iqbal International Conference arranged by Department of Urdu, Government College University, the former governor said that Allama Iqbal had presented a way of life in the light of Quran and Sunnah which would help individuals combat all the problems and they will find a peace of mind by applying it.

He stressed upon the youth to create their own world if they were alive. He added that According to Iqbal it was need of hour to get the modern knowledge to compete the world especially in eh field of science and technology. The science and technology has given the west an edge and they are progressing with a rapid pace. He lamented that our country was far lagging behind in the modern knowledge that must be overcome by attaining the goal.

He also lauded the efforts being taken on the part of GCUF Vice Chancellor Prof Dr Zakir Hussain for moving the varsity to the new height of progress.

The session was presided over by GCUF Vice Chancellor Prof Dr Zakir Hussain whereas Waleed Iqbal, a grandson Allama Iqbal, was the guest of honour .

The Vice chancellor urged the youth to follow the doctrine of Khudi in their lives.  He added that the university had established Allama Iqbal Chair to spread the message of the great philosopher especially in the youth and to carry out tangible researches on his poetry to unearth his vision among the nation. He said that the dream of a separate state for the Muslim was seen by him and he motivated the youth to understand the real situation and fight for a Muslim state.  He said the solution to the all problems was lying in the vision of the poet of East.

Former Punjab Minister, Dr.Muhammad Shafique Chaudhry also spoke on the occasion and said that a role model of a Islamic state is lying in the thoughts and philosophy of Iqbal from which the politicians and the people of Pakistan should get benefit.

Waleed Iqbal highlighted the concept of Shaheen presented by Allama Iqbal. He urged the youth to adopt the characteristics of Shaheen to present the real picture of the philosophy. He stressed the need to prove yourself across the globe with applying the Iqbal thoughts in their life.

Prof Dr Tahir Taunsvi said that as many as 35 research papers had been presented in this International Conference from the scholars from all corners of the globe. Dr Husain Bahur presented the Persian poetry of Iqbal and its crux to give a message of hardworking to the youth.

Prof Abdul Huq from India, Dr Sohail Hussain, Dr Moeen un Din, Khwaja Muhammad Akran Akram, Sohail Jhangir malik also spoke on the occasion and presented their research papers.