All Pakistan Inter University & Intra University Poster Presentation Competition and Seminar on Intracommunal Tolerance and Harmony in Pakistan

Event Date: 28th May 2014

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The objective of this competition is to enhance the interaction among the Universities of Pakistan. It will induce the spirit of high self-esteem and confidence among the students of participant Universities. The competition shall make people aware of the value of TOLERANCE and HARMONY in the true sense of these words. The purpose of this function is to highlight the present unrest in the multiple communities in Pakistan.

Categories of Prize

As it has been mentioned that it is a competition therefore the University shall award the winning teams with Trophies and certificates. The distribution of Prizes shall be as under:

  • 1st Position
  • 2nd Position
  • 3rd Position


The venue for the Competition shall be Dr.Zakir Hussain Block. The competition shall be held on 28-05-2014 Wednesday.

General Information for Participation

All the participants must register for competition. The registration from and Rules & Regulations can be downloaded from www.gcuf.edu.pk. Each team shall have to submit 1500 rs. for registration.

  1. Every University can send up to 3 teams for participation.
  2. University Participants must have University ID card with them.
  3. Every team should be accompanied by one Faculty member of the respective department.
  4. Every team should consist of 3 students and 1 faculty member.
  5. The participant Students should be the regular students of the University.
  6. The exhibition shall start at 8 a.m. on 28-05-2014.
  7. The registration fee can be submitted to Sahar Javaid D/O Javaid Akhtar AC No. 1018-5 The Bank of Punjab, Government College University Faisalabad Branch latest by 24-05-2014.
  8. Form along with the copy of Deposit Slip should be submitted to Sahar Javaid, In-charge Dramatics & Performing Arts Society, Lecturer in English, Government College University Faisalabad latest by 26-05-2014.

Poster Information

The posters and flexes should express the Theme (Tolerance and Harmony in the Communities of Pakistan) clearly. The participants will present the theme verbally in 5 to 10 minutes.

(Choose any of the following Articles)

  1. Flexes (Min 3×3 & Max 4×6)
  2. Painting (Min 3×3 & Max 4×6)
  3. Posters (Min 3×3 & Max 4×6)
  4. Sketches (Min 3×3 & Max 4×6)
  5. Photographs 5 photos (MM Size 3×3)

The participants are required to bring helping material (hangers, nails, hammers, pins and necessary items) in connection with the display of posters, flexes and photographs.

Dr. Nadeem Sohail
Director Student Affairs
Government College University Faisalabad

Ms. Sahar Javaid
Incharge Dramatic & Performing Arts Society
Lecturer in English Literature Government College University Faisalabad

For Further Information and Queries

Rana Abdul Munim
President DPAS 0300-7720618

Sohaib Butt
Vice President DPAS 0313-7297291

Ahmad Altmash
General Secretary DPAS 0300-7696704

M. Ijaz
Secretary 0321-4949431

Rana Nabeel
Secretary 0321-7670862

Download Registration Form