IT Services

The Department of IT Services is working with highly qualified and skilled personals to provide, maintain and manage the IT infrastructure of the university. One of the primary objectives is to facilitate all the departments in both their educational and training activates relevant to computers and Information Technology. It has become a dire need of the university to create and cater an environment in which the faculty and students can communicate and collaborate with each other by using modern state of the art technologies. The local area network of the university comprises of high speed fiber optic cables which are connected to the Core switch inside the Server Room. These cables then reach to all the departments from where fast Ethernet cables are connected for the linkage of all the computers.
The IT Services department provides the internet facility constitutes of 8Mbps radio wave link by PTCL from HEC. The university website is also looked after by the IT services department which is updated on regular basis. Efforts are being made to make the website more attractive and interactive for its users. Government College University is one of those Public Sector universities which have facilitated its faculty and staff with personal university email addresses.

The IT services is categorized in four further parts which are

  • Network Management and maintenance
  • Software installation and maintenance
  • Hardware Repair and maintenance
  • Web Designing and Development

Government College University is the university which has its own Digital Book Bank which has been constituted by the efforts of staff of the IT services. This book bank provides thousands of e-books for different fields of interest, downloadable software and virtual lectures for all the students and faculty members. It scope of this book bank is being increased day by day so that it could be used by the complete university.

High end servers are used as the backbone of IT framework. Xeon servers with an excellent entry level multi processing which can take dual Xeon EM 64bit processors and a maximum of 8 GB RAM memory. These servers have hot swappable hard drives. These servers provide the facilities of internet, Domain Name Server, Routing, User authentication, e-mail services, workgroup application, file and print share and much more.