School Era

The Middle School, opened by Lala Jowala Das in 1897, was raised to a High School in1905. Chaudhri Fateh-ud-Din, who some years back, retired from the Punjab education service as inspector of schools, Multan Division, was the first headmaster of the high school. To the historiographer, the institution presents the appearance of a rapidly growing youth, who is constantly outgrowing his garments. The high school began to grow in numbers and reputation and it had the exceptional good luck of having a succession of very competent headmasters ….. man who had made their mark in the service. In 1908 Sardar Mohan Singh took over from Chaudhri Fateh-ud-Din, and in turn made over to Lala Harkishen Das, M.A., who remained in charge of the school from 1909 to 1919.

During the headmastership of Lala Harkishen Das the school became very popular, and the records state that the old building (now occupied by the Government Intermediate College for Woman) was soon found to be insufficient for the requirements of the school. With the sympathetic support of Col. Douglas, the then Deputy Commissioner of Lyallpur, Lala Harkishen Das was able to persuade the department to sanction a grant for the new building. Lala Harkishen Das, who has since retired from the service, mentions that the keen personal interest in the matter taken by the late Rai Bahadur Sundar Das Suri, the then Inspector of schools, was of great help to him in securing the building grant of Rs. 1, 15, 000*. The building operations were taken in hand in 1912, but it was three years before the school could be moved into the new building, which with slight alterations and a few additions forms the present building of the college. A very conspicuous feature of the present building is the lovely approach linked on both sides with artistically planted trees of thick foliage forming a beautiful avenue. It testifies to the artistic taste of the planter. The layout of the playfields also reflects credit on those who ‘broke the first sod’. The building itself has little of architectural design or beauty about it, being severely utilitarian in aspect ……. a fit commentary on the spirit of the age in which we live.

Even as a school this institution was able to instill into the young minds of its alumni that love which draws out and develops the healthiest sentiments. Writing in the Degree College special number of the Beacon, an old boy of the school gives expression to his feelings in the following words:-

“These precincts were our ‘world’ years ago. Even now, of some fine morning, when the doors are shut and nobody is near by, I go out of my way and pass through the corridors of this old school of mine. There is none who can dispute this right of old, and once again I feel like a child in the lap of its mother…..”

The school continued to make progress and the next headmaster of note was Sheikh Mohammad Zahur-ud-Din, now Inspector of schools, Rawalpindi Division.

Lala Lachman Das, Head Clerk, who has been associated with the institution for over 19 years, tells an interesting anecdote regarding the next landmark in our annals.

In the year 1924, at the prize distribution of the school, the Headmaster Lala Hukam Chand, in his report remarked that there was persistence rumour ‘hanging like the sword of Damocles’ to the effect that the school would soon be converted into an intermediate college. On the conclusion of the Headmaster’s report Sir George Anderson in his presidential speech humorously told the gathering that the sword of Damocles which the Headmaster feared, must fall, and that the High School would be raised to an Intermediate College from May, 1924.


Lala Jowala Das
1897 to 1-9-1905
M. B. Middle School

Ch. Fateh-ud-Din
2-9-1905 to 14-5-1908
Govt. High School

S. Mohan Singh
15-5-1908 to 27-9-1909
Govt. High School

Lala Harkishen Das
28-9-1909 to 15-4-1919
Govt. High School

Lala Gokal Chand
16-4-1919 to 17-5-1921
Govt. High School

Lala Fateh Chand
18-5-1921 to 28-6-1921
Govt. High School

Sh. Mohd. Zahir-ud-Din
29-6-1921 to 29-4-1922
Govt. High School

L. Bhagwan Das
1-5-1922 to 11-3-1923
Govt. High School

Ch. Hukam Chand
12-3-1923 to 30-4-1924
Govt. High School